Grateful Dead Time Capsule

Black-Throated Wind  
Bob Weir
John Barlow
Lyrics written by Barlow in Cora, Wyoming and San AnselmoCalifornia, in February 1972.
Recording Dates (~ Estimated/Averaged):Click Title for Album Information
1972 1/??     Ace LP by Bob Weir
3/28     Dick's Picks, Volume 30 CD by Grateful Dead
~4/08     Steppin' Out with the Grateful Dead: England '72 CD by Grateful Dead
4/24     Rockin' the Rhein with the Grateful Dead CD by Grateful Dead
9/17     Dick's Picks, Volume 23 CD by Grateful Dead
9/27     Dick's Picks, Volume 11 CD by Grateful Dead
1973 11/30     Dick's Picks, Volume 14 CD by Grateful Dead
1974 3/23     Dick's Picks, Volume 24 CD by Grateful Dead
9/10     Dick's Picks, Volume 7 CD by Grateful Dead
10/19     Steal Your Face LP by Grateful Dead
1991 6/14     View from the Vault II video by Grateful Dead
6/14     View from the Vault II Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
6/14     View from the Vault Collection video box set by Grateful Dead
The American Book of the Dead examines the origin and performance of this song.
Grateful Dead Anthology II provides the piano arrangement, guitar chords, and lyrics.
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