Kind Coasters
Tiger Rose
LP by Robert Hunter
Studio Recordings - 1 CD
Rykodisc USA  1975 3/??
Rolling Thunder Studio, ~1974
Vocals re-recorded for the digital remix, 1988
1 Ariel5:26Robert Hunter
2 Over the Hills2:42Robert Hunter
3 One Thing to Try4:17Robert Hunter
4 Tiger Rose3:17Robert Hunter
5 Last Flash of Rock 'N' Roll3:49Robert Hunter
6 Cruel White Water5:27Robert Hunter
7 Dance a Hole3:22Robert Hunter
8 Wild Bill3:15Robert Hunter
9 Rose of Sharon3:48Robert Hunter
10 Yellow Moon3:38Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter - acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin, synthesizer, percussion

David Freiberg - bass, piano, celeste, synthesizer, vocals
Jerry Garcia - guitar, piano, synthesizer, pedal steel, slide guitar, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
David Grisman - mandolin
Mickey Hart - percussion
Pete Sears - piano, bass, organ, track piano, clavinet
BD Shot (Mickey Hart) - drums
David Torbert - bass