Kind Coasters
Cats Under the Stars
LP by Jerry Garcia Band
Studio Recordings - 1 CD
Arista  1978 3/15
The first album recorded at the Dead's own studio and rehearsal hall, and the first under the name Jerry Garcia Band. A favorite of Jerry's.
Le Club Front, San Rafael, CA, 8-11/77
1 Reuben and Cherise5:16Garcia / Hunter
2 Love in the Afternoon4:08Kahn / Hunter
3 Palm Sunday2:19Garcia / Hunter
4 Cats Under the Stars5:27Garcia / Hunter
5 Rhapsody in Red5:10Garcia / Kahn / Hunter
6 Rain5:51Donna Godchaux
7 Down Home1:46John Kahn
8 Gomorrah5:12Garcia / Hunter
CD Bonus Tracks:
9 Magnificent Sanctuary Band3:50Burnette11/??/76
10 I'll Be with Thee6:01Dorothy Love Coates
11 The Way You Do the Things You Do5:01Robinson / Rogers11/??/76
12 Mighty High3:04Crawford / Downing11/??/76
13 Don't Let Go15:59Jesse Stone11/??/76
14 Down Home1:49John KahnRehearsal Version
15 Palm Sunday2:24Garcia / HunterAlternate Take
Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals

Brian Godchaux - violin
Candy Godchaux - violin
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboard, vocals
John Kahn - basses, keyboards, guitars, orchestration
Merl Saunders - organ
Steve Schuster - flute, clarinet, saxophone
Ron Tutt - drums, percussion

Maria Muldaur - backup vocals on "Gommorah" and "Love in the Afternoon"