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Amagamalin St. Robert Hunter
Relix Records
Released 6/1/84
Audio Novel/Folk-Rock - Studio Recordings - 1 CD

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Marin Sound, San Rafael, ~1984
Tracks:Click Title for Song Information
1    Roseanne   Robert Hunter
2    Amagamalin Street   Robert Hunter
3    Gypsy Parlor Light   Robert Hunter
4    Rambling Ghost   Robert Hunter
5    Ithica   Robert Hunter
6    Don't Be Deceived   Robert Hunter
7    Taking Maggie Home   Robert Hunter
8    Out of the City   Robert Hunter
9    Better Bad Luck   Robert Hunter
10    Streetwise   Robert Hunter
11    Face Me   Robert Hunter
12    Where Did You Go?   Robert Hunter
13    Thirteen Roses   Robert Hunter
Personnel:Click Name for Artist Discography
  Robert Hunter - acoustic guitar, vocals

Peter Albin - bass
Rodney Albin - violin
Vaclav Berosini - bass
Roy Blumenfeld - drums
John Cipollina - electric guitar, drums
Jorma Kaukonen - electric guitar, guitar
Merl Saunders - keyboards
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