Kind Coasters
1961 ~ "Jerry Garcia and Friends" formed
Jerry Garcia and Friends:
Jerry Garcia, ~18 - guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals
Marshall Leicester - banjo, guitar, vocals
Robert Hunter, ~19 - bass, vocals

Sandy Rothman
David Nelson

Show Dates:
1961 - ~1963

Known Venues:
Boarshead Coffee House, San Carlos, ~1961
Boarshead Coffee House, San Carlos Bookstore, San Carlos, ~1962
Top of the Tangent, Palo Alto, ~1963

Known Performances:
All the Good Times Are Past
Banjo Soup
Bolshevik in Hell
Brown's Ferry Blues
D-tuning Session Rap
Darling Aller Lee
Darling Cory
Ellen Smith
Greenback Dollar (Instrumental)
Hand Me My Money Down
Happy Birthday Bluegrass Rag
I'm a Good Ol' Rebel
Jesse James
Long Lonesome Road
Nine-Pound Hammer
Ocean of Diamonds
Railroad Bill
Rosalie McFall
Rose Connely
Salty Dog
Two Little Boys
Wagoneers West
Wealthy Old Maid
What Will Become of Me