Kind Coasters
CD by Rob Wasserman
Studio Recordings - 1 CD
MCA/GRP Records  1994 2/??
Ocean Way, Los Angeles
Club Front, San Rafael, CA
Score One Recording, North Hollywood, CA
The Site, Marian County, CA
1 Fantasy is Reality / Bells of Madness4:09Philips / Wasserman / Wilsonwith Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson
2 Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness4:08MacManuswith Elvis Costello, Marc Ribot
3 White-Wheeled Limousine4:57Bruce Hornsbywith Bruce Hornsby, Branford Marsalis
4 Country (Bass Trilogy Part 1)2:46Rob Wasserman
5 Zillionaire5:12Brickell / Garcia / Wassermanwith Edie Brickell, Jerry Garcia
6 Dustin' off the Bass6:11Willie Dixonwith Willie Dixon, Al Duncan
7 Easy Answers5:59Hunter / Bralove / Weir / Welnick / Wassermanwith Bob Weir, Neil Young
8 Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy Part 2)2:21Jagger / Richards
9 Home is Where You Get Across5:26Chris Whitleywith Chris Whitley, Les Claypool
10 Spike's Bulls (Bass Trilogy Part 3)3:11Rob Wasserman
11 Gypsy One4:14Haimovitz / Jeanrenaud / Wassermanwith Matt Haimovitz, Joan Jeanrenaud
12 Gypsy Two3:35Haimovitz / Jeanrenaud / Wassermanwith Matt Haimovitz, Joan Jeanrenaud
13 American Popsicle4:41Brickell / Garcia / Wassermanwith Edie Brickell, Jerry Garcia
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass, string bass, bells, tambourine, drum stick, background vocals

Edie Brickell - vocals
Les Claypool - electric bass
Elvis Costello - acoustic guitar, vocals
Willie Dixon - electric upright bass
Al Duncan - drums
Jerry Garcia - piano, electric guitar, midi guitar
Matt Haimovitz - cello
Bruce Hornsby - keyboards, vocals
Joan Jeanrenaud - cello
Jay Lane - drums
Branford Marsalis - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Marc Ribot - acoustic guitar
Bob Weir - electric guitar, drum programming, vocals
Chris Whitley - dobro, vocals
Brian Wilson - keyboards, organ, vocals
Carnie Wilson - tambourine, vocals
Neil Young - electric guitar, vocals