Kind Coasters
1971 2/18 Mickey takes a break from Grateful Dead
Mickey took time off to rebound from his father's embezzling of the Dead's funds. His last show at that time was at the Capital Theater, Port Chester, NY, 2/18/71.

During his hiatus, he built a 16-track studio, which he used to record several albums, including:

Rolling Thunder - 1972
Diga - 1976
Apocalypse Now Sessions - The Rhythm Devils Play River Music - 1980

Grateful Dead:
Jerry Garcia, 28 - guitar, vocals
Bob Weir, 23 - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh, 30 - bass, vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, 25 - keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann, 24 - drums