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At the Edge Mickey Hart
Released 8/30/90
Studio Recordings - 1 CD

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Studio X, 1987 - 1990
Tamalpias Research Center, 1975
Fantasy Studios, Studio D, Berkeley, CA
Companion CD to the book, Drumming at the Edge of Magic.
Tracks:Click Title for Song Information
1    #4 for Gaia   4:46   Mickey Hart
2    Sky Water   8:15   Hart / Hussain
3    Slow Sailing   8:15   Hart / Hussain
4    Lonesome Hero   5:01   Mickey Hart
5    Fast Sailing   5:04   Hart / Hussain
6    Cougar Run   3:39   Mickey Hart
7    The Eliminators   6:01   Hart / Hart / Hart / Garcia
8    Brainstorm   4:12   Hart / Olatunji
9    Pigs in Space   4:39   Airto Moreira
Personnel:Click Name for Artist Discography
  Mickey Hart - whistles, rainstick, processed bell, rattles, forest zone (processed crickets), matrix-12, roland d-50, remo toms, raindrops, slit gongs (hollow log), engelhart cornet bells (metal percussion), kalimba (thumb piano), cowbells, dundun (talking drum), panpipes, trap set, agogo (double bell), balafon (pentatonic marimba), shekere (beaded gourd rattle), devil chasers (bamboo concussion sticks), bass drum, wood blocks, tar, spatial processing

Sikiru Adepoju - dundun
Jerry Garcia - guitar, foreszone, guitar synthesizer
Creek Hart - linn 9000 drum samples
Taro S Hart - kawasaki electronic drums
Zakir Hussain - tar (frame drum), tabla, processed tabla, duggi tarang, shakers, dholak (double-headed cylinder drum)
Jose Lorenzo - berimbau (musical bow)
Airto Moreira - extended voice and beast
Babatunde Olatunji - djembe (wooden hour glass drum), cowbell, shekere (beaded gourd rattle), engelhart hex bells
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