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Furthur More Various Artists
Released 6/24/97
Live/Studio Recordings - 1 CD

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Recorded ~1989 - ~4/15/97
Performances by Furthur Festival '97 artists from other venues.
Tracks:Click Title for Song Information
1    Terrapin Intro  >   Garcia / Hunter   performed by Bruce Hornsby
   I Know You Rider   Traditional
2    All Along the Watchtower   Bob Dylan   performed by Furthur Jam '96
3    Fast Sailing   Hart / Hussain   performed by Mickey Hart's Mystery Box
4    Somebody's on Your Case   performed by The Black Crowes
5    Moth   Moe / Schnier   performed by Moe
6    The Ticket   Sherri Jackson   performed by Sherri Jackson
7    Highway in the Wind   Arlo Guthrie   performed by Arlo Guthrie
8    Cassidy   Weir / Barlow   performed by RatDog
9    Rainbow's Cadillac   Bruce Hornsby   performed by Bruce Hornsby
10    Proud Mary  >   John Fogerty   performed by Furthur Jam '96
   Not Fade Away   Petty / Hardin
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