Kind Coasters
1967 1/14 "The Great Human Be-In" at Polo Field
Also called A Gathering of the Tribes, it was a high point of the outdoor free concerts in San Francisco, with about 20,000 in attendance. The rest of the world soon caught on and spoiled the scene with media attention and an influx of unhip people.

Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 1/14/67

Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Country Joe & The Fish
The Charlatans
Timothy Leary
Allen Ginsberg
Michael McClure
Gary Snyder
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Lenore Kandel

Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties

Morning Dew
Viola Lee Blues
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*

*Charles Lloyd on flute