Kind Coasters
The Way It Is
LP by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
Studio Recordings - 1 CD
BMG/RCA  1986 8/??
Rumbo Recorders
Ocean Way Recording
Studio D, Sausalito, CA
Kingsound Studios
Village Recorder
Capitol Recording Studios
1 On the Western SkylineHornsby / Hornsby
2 Every Little KissBruce Hornsby
3 Mandolin RainHornsby / Hornsby
4 The Long RaceHornsby / Hornsby
5 The Way It IsBruce Hornsby
6 Down the Road TonightHornsby / Hornsby
7 The Wild FrontierHornsby / Hornsby
8 The River Runs LowHornsby / Hornsby
9 The Red PlainsHornsby / Hornsby
Bruce Hornsby - synthesizer, piano, accordion, hammered dulcimer, vocals

David Mansfield - guitar, mandolin, violin
George Marinelli - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
John Molo - percussion, drums
Joe Puerta - bass, vocals

Jeff Gerson - enforcement
John Gilutin - synthesizer consultant
Sean Hopper - synthesizer consultant
Huey Lewis - harmonica, vocals on "Down the Road Tonight"