Kind Coasters
Hot House
CD by Bruce Hornsby
Studio Recordings - 1 CD
BMG/RCA  1995 7/18
Includes Jerry's last recording to be released during his life.
Bruce Hornsby's House
Club Front
Soundmasters, Los Angeles
1 Spider Fingers6:44Bruce Hornsby
2 White-Wheeled Limousine5:28Bruce Hornsby
3 Walk in the Sun4:58Bruce Hornsby
4 The Changes5:49Bruce Hornsby
5 The Tango King5:48Bruce Hornsby
6 Big Rumble4:40Bruce Hornsby
7 Country Doctor5:57Bruce Hornsby
8 The Longest Night5:22Bruce Hornsby
9 Hot House Ball4:41Bruce Hornsby
10 Swing Street4:36Bruce Hornsby
11 Cruise Control5:03Bruce Hornsby
Bruce Hornsby - piano, accordion, vocals

JV Collier - bass
John D'earth - trumpet
Jimmy Haslip - bass
Debbie Henry - vocals
John Molo - drums
Bobby Read - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
JT Thomas - organ

Derwin Cox - percussion
Bela Fleck - banjo
Ornette Fogelberg - tambourine
Jerry Garcia - lead guitar on "Cruise Control"
David Hollister - vocals, background vocals
Randy Jacobs - melody guitar, rhythm guitar
Chaka Khan - vocals
Steve Lipson - his massiveness
Levi Little - vocals, background vocals
Pat Metheny - guitar, sitar
Louis Price - vocals, background vocals
Larry Sears - percussion
Joe White - vocals
Glenn Wilson - baritone saxophone