Kind Coasters
Here Come the Noise Makers
CD by Bruce Hornsby
Live Recordings - 2 CDs
BMG/RCA  2000 10/24
Austin City Limits PBS-TV Program
BET Jazz Central
1999 Woodstock Festival
Charlotte, NC
Kalamazoo, MI
Dayton, OH
Asheville, NC
Oakland, CA
Williamsburg, VA
1988 - 1/1/00
Disc 1:
1 Piano Intro  >7:48Bruce Hornsby
Great DivideBruce Hornsby
2 Long Tall Cool One7:54Bruce Hornsby
3 The Red Plains5:58Hornsby / Hornsby
4 The Road Not Taken7:22Bruce Hornsby
5 Lady with a Fan5:23Garcia / Hunter
6 Stander on the Mountain7:52Bruce Hornsby
7 Jacob's Ladder  >4:31Hornsby / Hornsby
Blackberry BlossomTraditional
8 Piano Intro  >4:21Bruce Hornsby
I Loves You PorgyGershwin / Gershwin / Heyward
9 The Way It Is7:02Bruce Hornsby
10 Twelve Tone Tune  >11:43Evans
King of the HillBruce Hornsby
Disc 2:
1 Spider Fingers  >10:23Bruce Hornsby
Tempus FugitPowell
2 Sneaking Up on Boo Radley5:39Bruce Hornsby
3 Fortunate Son4:46Bruce Hornsby
4 The Valley Road7:08Hornsby / Hornsby
5 The End of the Innocence8:46Hornsby / Henley
6 Sunflower Cat  >9:22Hornsby / Mangini
It Takes a Lot to Laugh (It Takes a Train to Cry)Bob Dylan
7 Rainbow's Cadillac7:33Bruce Hornsby
8 Mandolin Rain  >12:21Hornsby / Hornsby
Black Muddy RiverGarcia / Hunter
Bruce Hornsby - piano, accordion, vocals

Michael Baker - drums, vocals
JV Collier - bass
Doug Derryberry - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Bobby Read - bass clarinet, saxophone, vocals
John "JT" Thomas - organ, keyboards, vocals

Bonny Bonaparte - drums
John D'Earth - trumpet
Debbie Henry - vocals
Steve Kimock - guitar
Land Richards - drums