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1959      San Mateo College Jazz Band formed
1960 ~     Legends are joined by Bill at YMCA dances
~     Southern Comfort joined by Donna
1961      Bob & Jerry formed
     Garcia, Hunter & Albin formed
~     Jerry Garcia and Friends formed
7/~     Garcia, Leicester & Hunter formed
11/~     Jerry Garcia formed
1962      Asphalt Jungle Boys formed
6/~     Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers formed
~     The Uncalled Four formed
11/~     Jerry Garcia & David Nelson formed
11/~     Hart Valley Drifters formed
12/~     Thunder Mountain Tub Thumpers formed
12/31     Bobby jams with Jerry at Dana Morgan's music store
1963 2/~     The Wildwood Boys formed
5/~     Jerry & Sarah formed
     The Second Story Men formed
     Zodiacs formed
1964 3/~     Black Mountain Boys formed
5/~     Phil Lesh and Tom Constanten formed
     Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions formed
1965 4/??     Warlocks formed
5/05     Magoo's Pizza Parlor first paid Warlocks gig
6/18     Phil joins the Warlocks on bass, finalizing the future Grateful Dead lineup  more
12/01     Acid Tests organizer Ken Kesey enlists Warlocks as house band
12/0?     Grateful Dead founded in San Francisco
12/04     San Jose Acid Test first Grateful Dead show
1966 2/11     Owsley meets Grateful Dead formally at The Fillmore and soon becomes soundman  more
10/??     Owsley leaves soundman position with Grateful Dead
     MGM signs Grateful Dead to record label
1967 9/29     Mickey joins the band on drums & percussion  more
     Dan Healy becomes soundman for Grateful Dead
1968 3/??     Who's Who In America lists Grateful Dead
6/0~     Dan Healy leaves to do sound for Quicksilver
7/??     Owsley takes over sound again for Grateful Dead
10/08     Mickey and the Hartbeats formed
11/23     Tom Constanten joins the band on piano  more
1969 6/~     New Riders of the Purple Sage formed
     Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck formed
1970 1/??     Busted down on Bourbon Street, New Orleans
1/30     Tom leaves the band  more
2/??     Owsley leaves soundman position after bust
5/01     An Evening with the Grateful Dead (and NRPS) concert format debuts
5/18     Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales formed
9/20     David Grisman sits in with the Dead at the Fillmore East
9/~     Jerry Garcia & Friends formed
~     Incredible String Band joined by Tom Constanten
~     Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra formed
1971 2/18     Mickey takes a break from Grateful Dead  more
2/~     Garcia/Saunders formed
8/26     Pigpen takes a break from touring for health reasons  more
10/19     Keith joins the band on keyboards  more
12/01     Pigpen returns to touring  more
1972      The Tubes formed
3/25     Donna joins the band on vocals  more
6/17     Pigpen leaves the band due to declining health  more
1973 3/02     Old & In The Way formed
1974 4/20     Great American String Band formed
7/~     Legion of Mary formed
10/20     Mickey returns to play farewell with Grateful Dead  more
10/20     Tour hiatus begins following Winterland farewell  more
11/08     Kingfish joined by Bob
1975 4/??     Diga Rhythm Band formed
8/05     Jerry Garcia Band formed
8/20     Keith and Donna Band formed
     Too Loose To Truck formed
~     Silver joined by Brent
~     Robert Hunter formed
1976 6/03     Grateful Dead touring resumes  more
     Roadhog formed
1977 ~     Bob Weir Band formed
     Comfort formed
1978      Bobby and the Midnites formed
1979 1/30     Reconstruction formed
2/17     Keith and Donna's last show with Grateful Dead  more
4/22     Brent joins the band on keyboards  more
~     Ghosts are joined by Keith and Donna
1982 4/21     Garcia/Kahn formed
8/13     Dinosaurs formed
1984      Billy Kreutzmann's All-Stars formed
     Zero formed
1985      Jerry is confronted by the rest of the band regarding his drug abuse
~     Go Ahead formed
     Bruce Hornsby and the Range formed
1987 7/10     Bob Dylan tours with Grateful Dead
8/29     Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band formed
9/15     In the Dark goes platinum
1989      Grateful Dead third in concert grosses behind the Rolling Stones and The Who
10/08     Formerly the Warlocks play 2 nights at Hampton Coliseum, VA
1990 7/26     Brent dies of a drug overdose in Lafayette, CA at age 37  more
9/07     Vince joins the band on keyboards  more
9/15     Bruce joins the band as a regular guest on keyboards  more
12/0?     25th anniversary of founding of the Grateful Dead
12/17     Garcia/Grisman formed
1991 ~     Planet Drum formed
     Grateful Dead become the top-grossing band in the US, with 79 concerts
~     Affordables formed
1992 ~     Vortex formed
3/??     Bruce leaves the band  more
1993      Grateful Dead are the highest grossing concert attraction in the US
~     Dead Ringers formed
1994 ~     The Valentines formed
~     Second Sight formed
1/19     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
9/~     Phil Lesh & Friends formed
1995      Grateful Dead among top-grossing artists in North American venues  more
     Grateful Dead among top-grossing artists in North American tours 1985-1995  more
4/~ goes online
4/22     Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman formed
7/09     Soldier Field last Grateful Dead show ever
8/05     Ratdog formed
8/09     Jerry dies in Forest Knolls, CA at age 53
12/08     Grateful Dead put to rest by the remaining personnel
1996 5/~     Mickey Hart's Mystery Box formed
10/11     Missing Man Formation formed
     Dose Hermanos formed
1997      Backbone formed
11/~     Broken Angels formed
1998 6/05     The Other Ones formed
2000 5/~     Mickey Hart Band formed
2001 6/28     Jammys Hall of Fame inducts Grateful Dead
10/28     Mickey Hart and Bembe Orisha formed
12/31     Bob, Phil, Bill & Mickey play together for the first time since 1995
2003 2/12     The Dead formed
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