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1946 5/07     Bill Kreutzmann is born in Palo Alto, CA
1954 ~     Bill keeps the beat for his mother's dance class at age 8
1957 ~     Bill is kicked out of the orchestra in 6th grade for not keeping time
1958 ~     Bill takes private drum lessons at age 12
1960 ~     Legends are joined by Bill at YMCA dances
1962 ~     Bill hears Jerry, Pigpen, & Hunter play at the Tangent in Palo Alto
     Bill meets Jerry at Dana Morgan's music store in Palo Alto
     Jerry starts playing banjo, purchased from Bill
1963      Zodiacs formed
1965 4/??     Warlocks formed
5/05     Magoo's Pizza Parlor first paid Warlocks gig
11/06     Warlocks meet Bill Graham at a Family Dog benefit for the Mime Troupe
12/01     Acid Tests organizer Ken Kesey enlists Warlocks as house band
12/0?     Grateful Dead founded in San Francisco
1967      Mickey meets Bill at a Dead show at the Fillmore
     Mickey becomes Bill's drum teacher, using hypnosis to get him to practice more
1968 10/08     Mickey and the Hartbeats formed
1969 6/~     New Riders of the Purple Sage formed
1970 ~     Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra formed
1975 8/05     Jerry Garcia Band formed
8/20     Keith and Donna Band formed
1976      Drumz debut
1979      The Beast percussion set becomes a concert standard
1984      Billy Kreutzmann's All-Stars formed
1985 ~     Go Ahead formed
1994 1/19     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1995 12/08     Grateful Dead put to rest by the remaining personnel
1997      Backbone formed
2000 8/2?     Bill returns to touring, with Furthur Festival
2001 12/31     Bob, Phil, Bill & Mickey play together for the first time since 1995
2003 2/12     The Dead formed
HomeBill Kreutzmann HomeTimelineDiscographyAlbum GallerySongs
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