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Bruce Hornsby Biography
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1954 11/25     Bruce Hornsby is born in Williamsburg, VA
1973 9/11     Bruce attends Grateful Dead shows at William and Mary College
1985      Bruce Hornsby and the Range formed
1987 2/2?     The Way It Is wins Bruce a Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 1986
1988 6/25     Bruce opens for and jams with Grateful Dead in Ohio
1990 2/2?     The Valley Road wins Bruce & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Recording of 1989
9/15     Bruce joins the band as a regular guest on keyboards  more
1992 3/??     Bruce leaves the band  more
1994 2/2?     Barcelona Mona wins Bruce and Branford a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1993
9/~     Phil Lesh & Friends formed
1997 11/~     Broken Angels formed
1998 6/05     The Other Ones formed
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