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1912      Majestic Hall and Majestic Academy of Dancing opens (The Fillmore)
1931 1/08     Wolfgang Grajonza (Bill Graham) is born in Berlin, Germany
1952      The Fillmore opens
1965 11/01     Bill Graham presents his first show, a benefit for the San Francisco Mime Troupe
11/06     Warlocks meet Bill Graham at a Family Dog benefit for the Mime Troupe
12/10     The Fillmore venue's first Dead show, produced by Bill Graham
1966 1/21     Trips Festival
2/04     The Fillmore's first non-benefit concert, produced by Bill Graham
6/06     Bill Graham is granted a dance hall permit for The Fillmore
9/04     The Fillmore venue's first headline by Grateful Dead
12/31     The Fillmore first New Years Eve Dead show
1967 12/26     Village Theater venues' first Dead show, later renamed the Fillmore East
1968 3/08     Fillmore East opens in NYC
6/14     Fillmore East venue's first Dead show
7/01     Fillmore West formerly the Carousel Ballroom, renamed by Bill Graham
7/04     The Fillmore closes
12/31     Winterland Arena venue's first New Years Eve Dead show
1969      Bill Graham books Grateful Dead throughout the country
1971 4/??     Winterland Arena is almost closed down when Electric Kool Aid is distributed
4/29     Fillmore East venue's last Dead show
6/27     Fillmore East closes
7/02     Fillmore West venue's last Dead show
12/05     Felt Forum
1973 7/27     Watkins Glen
1974 10/16     Winterland Arena 5 night Dead farewell series
1978 9/14     Egypt 3 day series at the pyramids
12/31     Winterland Arena venue's last Dead show
1979 2/17     Oakland Coliseum venue's first Dead show
1980 ~     Bill Graham produces events in the original Fillmore building (Elite Club)
1986 4/30     The Fillmore reopens with shows produced by Michael Bailey
1987 10/15     Lunt-Fontanne Theater sell-out shows by Garcia bands
1989 10/17     The Fillmore is damaged in the San Francisco earthquake
1991 10/25     Bill Graham dies in a helicopter accident near Vallejo, CA at age 60
11/03     Bill Graham Memorial Concert
12/31     Last New Years Eve Dead show - in honor of Bill Graham
1994 4/27     The Fillmore reopens after restoration
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