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1943 9/11     Michael (Mickey) Hart is born in Brooklyn, NY
1945 ~     Mickey entertains his parents with drums at age 2
1960      Mickey drops out of high school and joins the Air Force
1967 9/29     Mickey joins the band on drums & percussion  more
     Mickey meets Bill at a Dead show at the Fillmore
     Mickey becomes Bill's drum teacher, using hypnosis to get him to practice more
1968 10/08     Mickey and the Hartbeats formed
1969 6/~     New Riders of the Purple Sage formed
     Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck formed
1970      Grateful Dead manager Lenny Hart takes off with $70,000 in proceeds
9/~     Jerry Garcia & Friends formed
~     Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra formed
1971 2/18     Mickey takes a break from Grateful Dead  more
1974 10/20     Mickey returns to play farewell with Grateful Dead  more
1975 4/??     Diga Rhythm Band formed
1976      Drumz debut
1979      The Beast percussion set becomes a concert standard
1991 ~     Planet Drum formed
6/~     Mickey addresses the US Senate on music therapy for the aged
1992 2/25     Planet Drum wins Mickey a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album of 1991
1994 1/19     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1995 12/08     Grateful Dead put to rest by the remaining personnel
1996 5/~     Mickey Hart's Mystery Box formed
1998 6/05     The Other Ones formed
2000 5/~     Mickey Hart Band formed
2001 10/28     Mickey Hart and Bembe Orisha formed
12/31     Bob, Phil, Bill & Mickey play together for the first time since 1995
2003 2/12     The Dead formed
HomeMickey Hart HomeTimelineDiscographyAlbum GallerySongs
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