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Vince Welnick Biography
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1951 2/21Vince Welnick is born in Phoenix, AZ
1972 The Tubes formed
1984 Zero formed
1990 9/07Vince joins the band on keyboards
1991 ~Affordables formed
1992 ~Vortex formed
1994 ~The Valentines formed
1994 ~Second Sight formed
1994 1/19Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1994 9/~Phil Lesh & Friends formed
1995 12/08Grateful Dead put to rest by the remaining personnel
1996 10/11Missing Man Formation formed
1997 11/~Broken Angels formed
2000 5/~Mickey Hart Band formed
2006 6/02Vince dies from a self-inflicted knife wound at age 55