Preparing for Your Driving Test and Remaining a Good Driver

When you get your driver's license, you enter into a new world of freedom, as you are able to go where you want to go whenever you want to go there. Of course, you can't get that license until you learn to drive and pass a comprehensive driver's test that measures your skills and proves that you are fit to drive. From parallel parking to three-point turns to knowing all of the traffic signs and what they mean, the driver's test is uniquely challenging and demands takers to be well-versed in all of the basic driving rules. Fortunately, there are many fine resources available to help students like you pass your driver's test and get out on the road as a licensed driver.

Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns Youth Pages

This site from the Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns includes pointers on driving and driving tests for youths with disabilities.

Driver's Ed Resources and Discount Auto Parts: Repair Help and More

Visit this informative page in order to get several tips for passing driver's tests, performing basic car repairs, and much more.

Driving Test Practice Sites

Find several links to practice tests and exercises that will help teens past their driver's test.

Safe Teen Driving Tips

Passing a driver's test involves being well aware of driving safety, and the tips on this page will assist teen drivers in understanding safe driving rules and procedures so that they can do well on their tests.

Tips for Teens Beyond Finding Cheap Car Parts Online

Fixing your car with affordable car parts is great, but you won't be able to drive it without passing your driving test, and this site can help you understand car repair and driving tests so that you can be ready to drive your vehicle.

Collision Repair and Restoration Majors

Learn about Penn State's auto repair programs via this link.

Minnesota State Auto Body Collision

Minnesota State College offers several classes and programs on auto repair and collision work. Learn about them here.

El Camino Auto Collision Repair/Painting

Visit this link in order to learn about the auto collision repair and painting programs at El Camino College.

Idaho State: Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

Idaho State University's auto repair and refinishing programs can be read about here.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Those who are interested in a two-year auto collision repair program will find this resource helpful.

Associate in Applied Science in Auto Collision Repair

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offer this degree program for those interested in a career in auto repair.

Parkland College Auto Collision Repair

To be trained for a degree in auto collision repair, many people enroll in this program from Parkland College.

Dallas Community College District Auto Body Technology

This comprehensive auto body technology course has been a great help to many who are interested in a career in auto repair.

Driver Safety Links

This comprehensive resource page on defensive driving will help you develop the skills to be a safer driver.

Wallace State Collision Repair

Wallace State Collision Repair is a great program that trains men and women in the repair of automobiles and other vehicles.

Wyoming Tech: Collision Refinishing Technology Program

Learn how to perfect those auto body collision repairs in this program from Wyoming Tech.

WIT Community College Auto Collision Repair Technology

This program is another good option for individuals who are looking for a career in auto repair.

SLCC Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

Utah residents will definitely want to check out this program in automotive collision repair and refinishing from Salt Lake Community College.

Shelton State Auto Body Repair

Get information on the auto body repair program at Shelton State College when you visit this resource page.

Forsyth Tech Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

The Forsyth Tech collision repair and refinishing technology program is a great place to learn everything you need to know about auto repair.

Institute for Advanced Motorists

You'll learn much about driving safely from this UK-based site on safe driving procedures.

Useful Links and Cheap Car Parts Online

Find a collection of useful driving links, including pages that provide access to discount part suppliers, when you visit this page.

Automotive Training Center Collision Reconditioning Technology

This is a highly recommended car collision repair program.

GTCC Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

Guilford Technical Community College has trained many people in auto collision repair via this program.

Northeast Community College Auto Body Repair Technology

Learn the ins and outs of an auto body repair technology program on this helpful degree program page.

Elder Care Services: Aging Drivers

Read up on aging drivers and what to look out for when you are on the road when you click on this link.

College of Alameda Auto Body and Paint

The College of Alameda trains mechanics and auto body shop technicians in this program.

Alpena Community College Auto Body Repair

Enroll in Alpena Community College's auto body repair program in order to learn about car repair and career opportunities in the field.

Dangers of Drunk Driving Besides Forcing You to Look for Discount Auto Parts After an Accident

Drunk driving is a critical safety concern that goes beyond making it necessary to buy new or discount parts after you are in an accident. This page of links will help you understand what is involved with drunk driving and its attendant dangers.

Requirements for Replacement Parts

This is an excellent legal resource to help people understand the legal regulations pertaining to automobile parts.

Links for Cheap Car Parts Online

On this comprehensive resource page, you will find links to many places where you can buy and find information on affordable car parts for fixing your vehicle.

Sprint Cars and Discount Auto Parts

In addition to providing some excellent information on sprint cars, this resource page also has links for purchasing affordable auto parts.

Avoiding Repair Problems

Here is a cautionary tale to assist you in avoiding bad service when your car is repaired.

Car and Auto Safety, Accessories, and Cheap Car Parts Online

This is a comprehensive resource page that will help you find the best sources for car parts, learn about safe driving, and much more.

Fast Cars and Their Many Discount Auto Parts

Get a good overview of car parts and where to find the best deals on them when you visit this page.

Parts of a Car: Gas and Fuel

A full page of information to help you improve gas mileage and learn about car parts and making them more affordable is found here.

Cheap Car Parts Online and Driving Safety

Learn about how safe driving is more than just about the right auto parts on this helpful resource page.

Car Safety Is Part of Learning to Drive

This is an excellent reminder page that you haven't really learned how to drive unless you've learned to drive safely.

Alternative Transportation Technology and Discount Auto Parts

Alternative transportation requires alternative auto parts, and these can often be had for a discount, as this page demonstrates.

Parts Geek Discount Auto Parts

This page contains a brief review and link to one of the best online sources of inexpensive parts for your car.