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Bruce Hornsby Discography
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1986 8/??     The Way It Is LP by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1988 5/03     Scenes from the Southside CD by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1990 6/19     A Night on the Town CD by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1991 4/??     A Night on the Town music video by Bruce Hornsby, Jerry Garcia
4/23     Deadicated CD by Various Artists
11/01     Infrared Roses CD by Grateful Dead
1993 4/06     Harbor Lights CD by Bruce Hornsby
1995 7/18     Hot House CD by Bruce Hornsby
1996 6/11     Mickey Hart's Mystery Box CD by Mickey Hart
1997 5/13     Furthur CD by Various Artists
6/24     Furthur More CD by Various Artists
10/28     Dick's Picks, Volume 9 CD by Grateful Dead
1998 10/13     Spirit Trail CD by Bruce Hornsby
1999 2/09     The Strange Remain CD by The Other Ones
11/09     So Many Roads (1965 - 1995) CD by Grateful Dead
2000 4/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 17 CD by Grateful Dead
10/24     Here Come the Noise Makers CD by Bruce Hornsby
2001 6/08     View from the Vault II Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
10/09     View from the Vault II video by Grateful Dead
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