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1965 6/18     Phil joins the Warlocks on bass, finalizing the future Grateful Dead lineup  more
12/01     Acid Tests organizer Ken Kesey enlists Warlocks as house band
12/0?     Grateful Dead founded in San Francisco
12/04     San Jose Acid Test first Grateful Dead show
12/10     The Fillmore venue's first Dead show, produced by Bill Graham
1966 1/07     The Matrix venue's first Dead show
1/21     Trips Festival
2/11     Owsley meets Grateful Dead formally at The Fillmore and soon becomes soundman  more
2/??     Hunter writes his first lyrics for Grateful Dead
5/19     Avalon Ballroom venue's first Dead show
5/27     Family Dog organizer's first Dead show
6/??     Soundman Dan Healy meets Grateful Dead at The Fillmore
7/??     Don't Ease Me In/Stealin' first single by Grateful Dead
7/29     Vancouver first Dead show outside US
9/04     The Fillmore venue's first headline by Grateful Dead
9/??     710 Ashbury Street becomes the band's residence
10/06     Love Pageant Rally protests illegalization of LSD in California
10/07     Winterland Arena venue's first Dead show
10/??     Owsley leaves soundman position with Grateful Dead
12/31     The Fillmore first New Years Eve Dead show
     MGM signs Grateful Dead to record label
1967 1/14     The Great Human Be-In at Polo Field
3/17     The Grateful Dead LP by Grateful Dead
6/01     Tompkins Square Park first East Coast Dead show
6/18     Monterey Pop Festival
6/~     Summer of Love
8/06     Expo 67
8/??     The Hippie Temptation TV special with Grateful Dead
9/29     Mickey joins the band on drums & percussion  more
10/02     Busted in marijuana raid at 710 Ashbury Street
12/13     Dark Star performed live first time, at the Shrine Auditorium
12/26     Village Theater venues' first Dead show, later renamed the Fillmore East
     Grateful Dead film by Robert Nelson
     Dan Healy becomes soundman for Grateful Dead
1968 2/14     Carousel Ballroom opens with the Grateful Dead
3/??     Who's Who In America lists Grateful Dead
3/??     Grateful Dead move out of 710 Ashbury in San Francisco
6/0~     Dan Healy leaves to do sound for Quicksilver
6/14     Fillmore East venue's first Dead show
6/19     Carousel Ballroom venue's last Dead show
7/??     Owsley takes over sound again for Grateful Dead
7/18     Anthem of the Sun LP by Grateful Dead
11/23     Tom Constanten joins the band on piano  more
12/06     The Spectrum venue's first show at home base for NY/NJ/PA Deadheads
12/31     Winterland Arena venue's first New Years Eve Dead show
     Petulia film by Richard Lester
1969 4/06     Avalon Ballroom venue's last Dead show
6/20     Aoxomoxoa LP by Grateful Dead
6/22     Central Park
7/10     Playboy After Dark TV appearance by Grateful Dead
8/15     Woodstock Festival
11/10     Live/Dead LP by Grateful Dead
12/06     Altamont Music Festival
     Bill Graham books Grateful Dead throughout the country
1970      Grateful Dead manager Lenny Hart takes off with $70,000 in proceeds
     Vintage Dead LP by Grateful Dead
     Great Canadian Train Ride first TV broadcast of live concert with FM simulcast
1/??     Busted down on Bourbon Street, New Orleans
1/30     Tom leaves the band  more
2/??     Owsley leaves soundman position after bust
5/02     Harpur College
5/24     Hollywood Festival first European Dead audience, England
6/14     Workingman's Dead LP by Grateful Dead
11/??     American Beauty LP by Grateful Dead
1971 2/18     Mickey takes a break from Grateful Dead  more
4/17     Princeton University
4/29     Fillmore East venue's last Dead show
5/??     Historic Dead LP by Grateful Dead
7/02     Fillmore West venue's last Dead show
8/06     Hollywood Palladium
8/26     Pigpen takes a break from touring for health reasons  more
10/06     Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) LP by Grateful Dead
10/19     Keith joins the band on keyboards  more
12/01     Pigpen returns to touring  more
12/05     Felt Forum
12/31     Donna sits in with Grateful Dead  more
1972      History of the Grateful Dead LP by Grateful Dead
     Last Days of the Fillmore film with Various Artists
     Fillmore: The Last Days LP by Various Artists
3/25     Donna joins the band on vocals  more
5/26     Pigpen sings for the last time, in London
6/17     Pigpen leaves the band due to declining health  more
11/??     Europe '72 LP by Grateful Dead
1973 3/08     Pigpen dies in Corte Madera, CA at age 27  more
6/09     RFK Stadium
7/13     History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) LP by Grateful Dead
7/27     Watkins Glen
9/11     Bruce attends Grateful Dead shows at William and Mary College
11/15     Wake of the Flood LP by Grateful Dead
1974      Phil stops singing due to vocal chord damage from singing above his natural range
2/??     Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of the Grateful Dead LP by Grateful Dead
3/23     Wall of Sound full system debuts
10/20     Mickey returns to play farewell with Grateful Dead  more
6/27     Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel LP by Grateful Dead
10/20     Tour hiatus begins following Winterland farewell  more
8/06     Roosevelt Stadium
10/16     Winterland Arena 5 night Dead farewell series
1975 9/01     Blues for Allah LP by Grateful Dead
1976 6/03     Grateful Dead touring resumes  more
6/26     Steal Your Face LP by Grateful Dead
     Drumz debut
1977      Grateful Dead Records folds
6/01     The Grateful Dead Movie film by Grateful Dead
7/27     Terrapin Station LP by Grateful Dead
9/03     Englishtown
10/??     What a Long Strange Trip It's Been LP by Grateful Dead
1978 1/22     McArthur Court
7/07     Red Rocks venue's first Dead show
7/15     Shakedown Street LP by Grateful Dead
9/14     Egypt 3 day series at the pyramids
11/11     Saturday Night Live TV appearance by Grateful Dead
11/17     First acoustic set performed in 8 years
11/2?     Jerry loses his voice and cancels a tour
12/31     Winterland Arena venue's last Dead show
1979 1/07     Madison Square Garden venue's first Dead show
2/17     Oakland Coliseum venue's first Dead show
2/17     Keith and Donna's last show with Grateful Dead  more
4/22     Brent joins the band on keyboards  more
~     Grateful Dead Anthology songbook by Grateful Dead
     The Beast percussion set becomes a concert standard
1980 4/05     Saturday Night Live TV appearance by Grateful Dead
4/28     Go to Heaven LP by Grateful Dead
7/23     Keith dies in a car accident in Marin County, CA at age 32
9/25     Warfield Theater 15 night series
9/25     One acoustic/two electric sets concert format debuts
10/22     Radio City Music Hall 8 night series
10/31     Radio City Music Hall simulcast by Grateful Dead
1981 3/25     Reckoning LP by Grateful Dead
5/07     The Tomorrow Show TV appearance by Grateful Dead
8/26     Dead Set LP by Grateful Dead
10/15     Milky Way Amsterdam 2 night series
     An Evening with the Grateful Dead TV special by Grateful Dead
1982 ~     Phil resumes singing, now in his natural range
9/05     US Festival
1983 3/29     Grateful Dead Ticket Sales first mail order concert
1984      The Deadhead Hour radio program debuts on KFOG San Francisco
     The Golden Road magazine debuts
10/27     Taping Section established
1985      Jerry is confronted by the rest of the band regarding his drug abuse
     Dick Latvala becomes the official archivist
     Twilight Zone TV theme music by Grateful Dead
12/31     Night Flight TV special by Grateful Dead
1986      Dupree's Diamond News magazine debuts
7/~     The Dead tour with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty
7/10     Jerry lapses into a near-fatal diabetic coma for 5 days  more
12/15     Grateful Dead return to performing 5 months after Jerry emerges from coma  more
1987      Billboard Top Ten first Grateful Dead listing - Touch of Grey
6/19     Touch of Grey music video by Grateful Dead
7/06     In the Dark LP by Grateful Dead
7/10     Bob Dylan tours with Grateful Dead
8/13     Red Rocks venue's last Dead show
9/15     In the Dark goes platinum
9/??     The Making of the Touch of Grey Video video by Grateful Dead
9/??     Hell in a Bucket music video by Grateful Dead
10/??     So Far video by Grateful Dead
12/31     New Year's Eve 1987 TV special by Grateful Dead
1988 4/??     Dead Head TV monthly show with Grateful Dead, Deadheads, Various Artists
6/25     Bruce opens for and jams with Grateful Dead in Ohio
1989      Forbes lists Grateful Dead amongst top-grossing US entertainers
     Grateful Dead third in concert grosses behind the Rolling Stones and The Who
1/31     Dylan & the Dead CD by Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead
~     Throwing Stones music video by Grateful Dead
10/08     Formerly the Warlocks play 2 nights at Hampton Coliseum, VA
10/11     Foolish Heart music video by Grateful Dead
10/1?     Fan dies after breaking his neck outside of a show at the NJ Meadowlands
10/31     Built to Last CD by Grateful Dead
12/0?     Fan dies while in police custody at the Los Angeles Forum
1990 ~     Built to Last music video by Grateful Dead
     Berkeley in the 60's film by Mark Kitchell
1/15     Just a Little Light music video by Grateful Dead
4/06     We Can Run music video by Grateful Dead
7/26     Brent dies of a drug overdose in Lafayette, CA at age 37  more
9/07     Vince joins the band on keyboards  more
9/15     Bruce joins the band as a regular guest on keyboards  more
9/25     Without a Net CD by Grateful Dead
12/0?     25th anniversary of founding of the Grateful Dead
1991      Grateful Dead Comix published
     A Box of Rain book by Robert Hunter
     Grateful Dead become the top-grossing band in the US, with 79 concerts
1/13     Deadheads: An American Subculture video of Deadheads
4/15     One from the Vault CD by Grateful Dead
7/05     In Concert TV appearance by Grateful Dead
11/01     Infrared Roses CD by Grateful Dead
12/31     Last New Years Eve Dead show - in honor of Bill Graham
1992      Infrared Sightings video by Grateful Dead
     Grateful Dead & Panther Dream Skis marketed
     Grateful Dead donate tie-dyed uniforms to Lithuania's bronze-medal-winning Olympic basketball team
3/??     Bruce leaves the band  more
5/12     Two from the Vault CD by Grateful Dead
8/??     Jerry collapses from exhaustion and cancels a tour
10/??     Backstage Pass video by Grateful Dead
1993      Grateful Dead are the highest grossing concert attraction in the US
11/01     Dick's Picks, Volume 1 CD by Grateful Dead
1994      Soundman Dan Healy leaves the band
1/19     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1995      Rock & Roll/Blues in Technicolor TV special with Grateful Dead
     Grateful Dead among top-grossing artists in North American venues  more
     Grateful Dead among top-grossing artists in North American tours 1985-1995  more
3/07     Dick's Picks, Volume 2 CD by Grateful Dead
4/~ goes online
6/15     Tour from Hell begins
6/2?     2 fans fall from the upper tier at RFK
6/25     Lightning strikes 3 fans before a show
7/02     Venue destruction causes a show cancellation the following night  more
7/06     Collapsed structure injures 108 fans, 2 others OD  more
7/09     Soldier Field last Grateful Dead show ever
8/09     Jerry dies in Forest Knolls, CA at age 53
8/13     Jerry is celebrated by family and 25,000 friends in Golden Gate Park
9/05     Dead Ahead video by Grateful Dead
9/26     Hundred Year Hall CD by Grateful Dead
     Grateful Dead: A Photofilm film by Paul McCartney
11/07     Dick's Picks, Volume 3 CD by Grateful Dead
11/??     Grayfolded CD by Grateful Dead, John Oswald
12/08     Grateful Dead put to rest by the remaining personnel
1996 3/01     Dick's Picks, Volume 4 CD by Grateful Dead
5/28     Dick's Picks, Volume 5 CD by Grateful Dead
7/04     Dead Red Unwine marketed
10/01     Ticket to New Year's video by Grateful Dead
10/07     Dick's Picks, Volume 6 CD by Grateful Dead
10/15     The Arista Years CD by Grateful Dead
10/29     Dozin' at the Knick CD by Grateful Dead
     The Concerts video box set by Grateful Dead
1997      Anthem to Beauty video by Grateful Dead
3/04     Dick's Picks, Volume 7 CD by Grateful Dead
4/19     VH1 Classic Albums: American Beauty TV special by Grateful Dead
6/14     Dick's Picks, Volume 8 CD by Grateful Dead
6/17     Fallout from the Phil Zone CD by Grateful Dead
9/??     Terrapin Limited CD by Grateful Dead
10/07     Downhill from Here video by Grateful Dead
10/07     Grateful Dead Collection video box set by Grateful Dead
10/28     Dick's Picks, Volume 9 CD by Grateful Dead
10/28     Fillmore East 2-11-69 CD by Grateful Dead
1998 ~     Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead stamps issued
2/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 10 CD by Grateful Dead
6/09     Dick's Picks, Volume 11 CD by Grateful Dead
8/??     Cumberland Blues stage musical premieres
9/15     Twilight Zone: Original Soundtrack Recording, Volume One CD by Grateful Dead, Merl Saunders
9/??     Grateful Dead Anthology II songbook by Grateful Dead
10/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 12 CD by Grateful Dead
1999 3/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 13 CD by Grateful Dead
5/11     MP3 Statement issued by Grateful Dead Productions
6/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 14 CD by Grateful Dead
10/18     Dick's Picks, Volume 15 CD by Grateful Dead
11/09     So Many Roads (1965 - 1995) CD by Grateful Dead
2000 3/07     Dick's Picks, Volume 16 CD by Grateful Dead
4/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 17 CD by Grateful Dead
6/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 18 CD by Grateful Dead
6/??     View from the Vault Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
10/10     Ladies and Gentlemen...The Grateful Dead CD by Grateful Dead
10/10     View from the Vault video by Grateful Dead
10/10     Live Dead - The Grateful Dead in Concert video box set by Grateful Dead
10/19     Dick's Picks, Volume 19 CD by Grateful Dead
2001 1/23     Dick's Picks, Volume 20 CD by Grateful Dead
3/19     Dick's Picks, Volume 21 CD by Grateful Dead
6/04     Dick's Picks, Volume 22 CD by Grateful Dead
6/08     View from the Vault II Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
6/28     Jammys Hall of Fame inducts Grateful Dead
9/25     Nightfall of Diamonds CD by Grateful Dead
10/09     View from the Vault II video by Grateful Dead
10/16     The Golden Road (1965 - 1973) CD by Grateful Dead
10/16     Dick's Picks, Volume 23 CD by Grateful Dead
2002 2/10     Dick's Picks, Volume 24 CD by Grateful Dead
3/19     Postcards of the Hanging: Grateful Dead Perform the Songs of Bob Dylan CD by Grateful Dead
7/09     Steppin' Out with the Grateful Dead: England '72 CD by Grateful Dead
7/15     View from the Vault III video by Grateful Dead
7/20     Dick's Picks, Volume 25 CD by Grateful Dead
8/??     View from the Vault III Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
10/01     Dick's Picks, Volume 26 CD by Grateful Dead
10/02     Jammys Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Grateful Dead
10/08     View from the Vault Collection video box set by Grateful Dead
10/22     Go to Nassau CD by Grateful Dead
2003 1/??     Dick's Picks, Volume 27 CD by Grateful Dead
2/12     The Dead formed
3/25     Birth of the Dead CD by Grateful Dead
4/08     View from the Vault IV video by Grateful Dead
4/~     View from the Vault IV Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
4/20     Dick's Picks, Volume 28 CD by Grateful Dead
6/19     Late Show with David Letterman TV appearance by The Dead
7/22     Dick's Picks, Volume 29 CD by Grateful Dead
9/16     The Very Best of the Grateful Dead CD by Grateful Dead
10/30     Dick's Picks, Volume 30 CD by Grateful Dead
11/11     The Closing of Winterland CD by Grateful Dead
2004 1/13     Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir CD by Bob Weir
3/16     Dick's Picks, Volume 31 CD by Grateful Dead
5/25     Rockin' the Rhein with the Grateful Dead CD by Grateful Dead
7/20     Dick's Picks, Volume 32 CD by Grateful Dead
10/26     Beyond Description (1973 - 1989) CD by Grateful Dead
11/02     The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack CD by Grateful Dead
11/02     Festival Express video by Bob Smeaton
11/12     Dick's Picks, Volume 33 CD by Grateful Dead
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