Robert Hunter Timeline
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1941 6/23Robert Hunter is born in Arroyo Grande, CA
1960 4/~Hunter meets Jerry at Commedia Theater in Palo Alto
1961 Bob & Jerry formed
1961 Garcia, Hunter & Albin formed
1961 7/~Garcia, Leicester & Hunter formed
1962 Asphalt Jungle Boys formed
1962 ~Bill hears Jerry, Pigpen, & Hunter play at the Tangent in Palo Alto
1962 11/~Hart Valley Drifters formed
1962 12/~Thunder Mountain Tub Thumpers formed
1963 2/~The Wildwood Boys formed
1964 Hunter tests LSD in government-run tests at Stanford
1964 3/~Black Mountain Boys formed
1966 2/??Hunter writes his first lyrics for Grateful Dead
1975 ~Robert Hunter formed
1976 Roadhog formed
1977 Comfort formed
1982 8/13Dinosaurs formed
1984 Zero formed
1985 ~Go Ahead formed
1985 3/??Twilight Zone - The Devil's Alphabet   Story/Teleplay by Robert Hunter
1985 Flight of the Marie Helena   LP by Robert Hunter
1991 A Box of Rain   Book by Robert Hunter
1992 6/??Idiot's Delight   Book by Robert Hunter
1994 1/19Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1998 8/??Cumberland Blues stage musical premieres
2003 4/08View from the Vault IV   Video
2003 10/??Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip   Book by Robert Hunter, Stephen Peters, Chuck Wills, Dennis McNally
2019 9/23Robert Hunter dies at age 78