Kind Coasters
Cream Puff War
Jerry Garcia
The first song Jerry wrote, and one of two (with Cryptical Envelopment) that is credited to Jerry alone.
Recording Dates
Grateful Dead Anthology  Songbook
1966 2/01~Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966  CD
1966 7/0330 Trips Around the Sun: The Definitive Live Story 1965-1995  CD
1966 7/0330 Trips Around the Sun  CD
1966 7/16So Many Roads (1965 - 1995)  CD
1967 1/15~The Grateful Dead  LP
1967 1/15~The Golden Road (1965 - 1973)  CD
1967 1/15~The Best of the Grateful Dead  CD
2000 ~Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead  CD by Various Artists