Grateful Dead Time Capsule

It Must Have Been the Roses  
Robert Hunter
Recording Dates (~ Estimated/Averaged):Click Title for Album Information
1973 11/~     Tales of the Great Rum Runners LP by Robert Hunter
1974 8/05     Dick's Picks, Volume 31 CD by Grateful Dead
10/20     Steal Your Face LP by Grateful Dead
1975 8/13     One from the Vault CD by Grateful Dead
9/~     Reflections LP by Jerry Garcia
10/~     All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions CD by Jerry Garcia / Jerry Garcia Band
1978 ~     Promontory Rider LP by Robert Hunter
1980 10/13     An Evening with the Grateful Dead TV special by Grateful Dead
10/~     Reckoning LP by Grateful Dead
10/~     Beyond Description (1973 - 1989) CD by Grateful Dead
10/~     Beyond Description (1973 - 1989) CD by Grateful Dead
1982 8/07     Dick's Picks, Volume 32 CD by Grateful Dead
1984 12/~     Live '85 LP by Robert Hunter
1987 4/16     Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead CD by Various Artists
1991 ~9/25     Dick's Picks, Volume 17 CD by Grateful Dead
1999 10/~     Dead Grass featuring Vassar Clements CD by Dead Grass
2000 3/~     Might as Well... The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead CD by The Persuasions
The American Book of the Dead examines the origin and performance of this song.
A Box of Rain includes the original lyrics for this song.
Grateful Dead Anthology provides the piano arrangement, guitar chords, and lyrics.
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