Kind Coasters
Promontory Rider
LP by Robert Hunter
Studio Compilation - 1 LP
Relix  1982
8 tracks previously released on:
Tales of the Great Rum Runners - 1974, studio
Tiger Rose - 1975, studio
Recorded ~1973 - ~1982
1 Boys in the Barroom1:10Robert Hunter
2 That Train Don't Run Here Anymore4:30Robert Hunter
3 Tiger Rose3:15Robert Hunter
4 Hooker's Ball2:45Robert Hunter
5 Standing at Your Door4:30Robert Hunter
6 Promontory Rider4:44Robert Hunter
7 Touch of Darkness5:25Robert Hunter
8 It Must Have Been the Roses3:30Robert Hunter
9 Rum Runners3:00Robert Hunter
10 Drunkard's Carole1:03Robert Hunter
11 Lady of Carlisle4:15Traditionalarr. Robert Hunter
12 Prodigal Town1:41Traditionalarr. Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter - guitar, tin whistle, vocals
Peter Albin - bass
Rodney Albin - fiddle, vina, backup vocals
Maureen Aylett - spoons, backup vocals
Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
T Will Claire - backup vocals
David Freiberg - bass
Jerry Garcia - guitar, piano, synthesizer
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Mickey Hart - drums
Kathleen Klein - vocals
Larry Klein - bass
Pat Lorenzano - drums
Richard McNeese - keyboards
Barry Melton - guitar, harp
Maureen Molle - vocals
Kevin Morgenstern - guitar
The Steve Schuster Horns
    Mario Cippolina
    Bruce Gapinski
    John Farey
    Milt Farrow
    David Kessner
    Ray Scott
    Jeff Slattery
    Randall Smith
    Bill Steel
    Hadi El Sadoon
Markee Shubb - mandolin
Rick Shubb - banjo
David Torbert - bass