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Blows Against the Empire Paul Kantner - Jefferson Starship
Released 11/70
Studio Recordings - 1 CD

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Wally Heider's Studio, 4/70
Though Dead members contributed to many albums by San Francisco artists, this one is singled out as THE anthem of the early '70s. The first release from the all-star Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra, it features some of the best feedback sounds recorded, as all-out noise, and also within the more delicate context of a song.
Tracks:Click Title for Song Information
1    Mau Mau (Amerikon)   6:35   Covington / Kantner / Slick
2    The Baby Tree   1:43   Rosalie Sorrels
3    Let's Go Together   4:21   Paul Kantner
4    Child is Coming   6:19   Crosby / Kantner / Slick
5    Sunrise   1:53   Grace Slick
6    Hijack   8:16   Balin / Blackman / Kantner / Slick
7    Home   :36   Kantner / Nash / Sawyer
8    Have You Seen the Stars Tonite   3:41   Crosby / Kantner
9    XM   1:24   Garcia / Hart / Kantner / Sawyer
10    Starship   7:04   Balin / Blackman / Kantner / Slick
Personnel:Click Name for Artist Discography
  Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals, banjo, bass machine
Grace Slick - piano, vocals

Harvey Brooks - bass
Jack Casady - bass
Joey Covington - drums, congas
David Crosby - guitar, vocals
David Freiberg - vocals
Jerry Garcia - guitar on "XM" and "Starship", banjo on "Let's Go Together", pedal steel on "Have You Seen The Stars Tonite"
Mickey Hart - percussion on "XM", drums on "Have You Seen The Stars Tonite"
Peter Kaukonen - guitar
Bill Kreutzmann - drums on "Let's Go Together"
Graham Nash - congas, vocals
Phil Sawyer
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