Bill Kreutzmann Solo / Guest Discography
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2017 7/28Garcia Live Volume 9   CD by Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
2005 10/25Garcia Plays Dylan   CD by Jerry Garcia
2002 7/02Trichromes   CD by Trichromes
2002 2/12Dice with the Universe   CD by The Trichromes
1998 1/13Backbone   CD by Backbone
1992 7/09Fire Up Plus   CD by Merl Saunders and Friends
1980 Apocalypse Now Sessions - The Rhythm Devils Play River Music   LP by The Rhythm Devils
1976 2/??Reflections   LP by Jerry Garcia
1973 5/??Fire Up   LP by Merl Saunders and Friends
1972 5/??Ace   LP by Bob Weir
1972 1/??Garcia   LP by Jerry Garcia
1970 11/??Blows Against the Empire   LP by Paul Kantner - Jefferson Starship