Kind Coasters
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1998 ~Panther Dream: A Story of the African Rainforest   Video by Bob Weir, Wendy Weir
1997 Anthem to Beauty   Video
1991 6/14~View from the Vault II   Video
1990 ~Infrared Sightings   Video
1990 7/08~View from the Vault   Video
1990 6/16~View from the Vault III   Video
1989 8/08~View from the Vault Collection   Video Box Set
1989 7/18~Downhill from Here   Video
1989 3/~Live Dead - The Grateful Dead in Concert   Video Box Set
1987 12/31Ticket to New Year's   Video
1987 7/25~View from the Vault IV   Video
1987 5/09The Making of the Touch of Grey Video   Video
1985 8/25~So Far   Video
1981 ~Grateful Dead Collection   Video Box Set
1980 10/31~Dead Ahead   Video
1980 4/~The Concerts   Video Box Set
1978 ~Backstage Pass   Video
1966 ~The Acid Test   Video by Ken Kesey