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73rd Star Bridge Sonata  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Addam's Family Theme  Vic Mazzy
Aiko Aiko  Traditional / Crawford
Ain't It Crazy  Lightnin' Hopkins
Alabama Getaway  Garcia / Hunter
Alice D. Millionaire  Grateful Dead
All Along the Watchtower  Bob Dylan
Alligator  Lesh / McKernan / Hunter
All I Have to Do is Dream  Bryant / Bryant
All New Minglewood Blues  Noah Lewis
Althea  Garcia / Hunter
And  Kreutzmann / Hart / Bralove
And We Bid You Goodnight  Traditional
Antwerp's Placebo (The Plumber)  Hart / Kreutzmann
Apollo at the Ritz  Garcia / Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Marsalis / Mydland / Weir
Are You Lonely for Me Baby  Bert Berns
Around and Around  Chuck Berry
The Ascent  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Hart
At a Siding  Hart / Hunter
A to E Flat Jam  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Hart
Attics of My Life  Garcia / Hunter

Baba O'Riley  Pete Townshend
Baby What You Want Me to Do  Jimmy Reed
Bad Moon Rising  John Fogerty
Ballad of a Thin Man  Bob Dylan
Ballad of Casey Jones  Traditional
Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest  Bob Dylan
Banana Boat  Belafonte / Burgess / Attaway
Banks of the Ohio  Traditional
Barbara Allen  Traditional
Barbed Wire Whipping Party  Grateful Dead
Beat It on Down the Line  Jesse Fuller
Beautiful Jam  Grateful Dead
Been All Around This World  Traditional
Beer Barrel Polka  Brown / Timm / Vejvoda / Zeman
Believe It or Not  Garcia / Hunter
Bertha  Garcia / Hunter
Betty and Dupree  Traditional
Big Boss Man  Smith / Dixon
Big Boy Pete  Harris / Terry
Big Breasa  Traditional
Big Railroad Blues  Noah Lewis
Big River  Johnny Cash
Bird Song  Garcia / Hunter
Blackbird  Lennon / McCartney
Black Muddy River  Garcia / Hunter
Black Peter  Garcia / Hunter
Black Queen  Stephen Stills
Black-Throated Wind  Weir / Barlow
Blow Away  Mydland / Barlow
Blues for Allah  Garcia / Hunter
Born Cross-Eyed  Bob Weir
Born on the Bayou  John Fogerty
Boston Clam Jam  Grateful Dead
The Boxer  Paul Simon
Box of Rain  Lesh / Hunter
Bring Me My Shotgun  Traditional
Brokedown Palace  Garcia / Hunter
Broken Arrow  Robbie Robertson
Brown-Eyed Woman  Garcia / Hunter
Built to Last  Garcia / Hunter
Bye Bye Love  Bryant / Bryant

California Earthquake  Rodney Crowell
Candyman  Garcia / Hunter
Can She Type?  Grateful Dead
Can't Come Down  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
Casey Jones  Garcia / Hunter
Cassidy  Weir / Barlow
Cathy's Clown  Everly / Everly
Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
Caution Jam  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
C.C. Rider  Traditional
Cease Tone Beam  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Childhood's End  Phil Lesh
Children's Zoo  Grateful Dead
Chimes of Freedom  Bob Dylan
China Cat Sunflower  Garcia / Hunter
China Doll  Garcia / Hunter
Chinatown Shuffle  Ron McKernan
Chinese Bones  Robyn Hitchcock
Clementine  Lesh / Hunter
Clementine  Harris / Montrose
Clementine Jam  
Close Encounters  John Williams
Clouds Cast  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Cocaine Habit Blues  Traditional
Cold Jordan  Traditional
Cold Rain and Snow  Traditional / Ramsey
Comes a Time  Garcia / Hunter
Confusion's Prince  Garcia or Lesh?
Corrina  Weir / Hart / Hunter
Cosmic Charlie  Garcia / Hunter
Cowboy Song  
Crazy Fingers  Garcia / Hunter
Cream Puff War  Jerry Garcia
Crowd Sculpture  Bob Bralove
Cryptical Envelopment  Jerry Garcia
Cumberland Blues  Garcia / Lesh / Hunter

Dancin' in the Streets  Stevenson / Gaye / Hunter
Dark Hollow  Traditional / Browning
Dark Matter Problem/Every Leaf is Turning  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Dark Star  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / McKernan / Kreutzmann / Hart / Hunter
Dark Star Jam  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / McKernan / Kreutzmann
Dark Star Jam  Garcia / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir
Darlin' Corey  Traditional
Days Between  Garcia / Hunter
Day Tripper  Lennon / McCartney
Dead Man, Dead Man  Bob Dylan
Deal  Garcia / Hunter
Dear Mr. Fantasy  Capaldi / Wood / Winwood
Dear Prudence  Lennon / McCartney
Death Don't Have No Mercy  Traditional / Davis
Death Letter Blues  Son House
Deep Elem Blues  Traditional
Desolation Row  Bob Dylan
Devil with a Blue Dress On  Long / Stevenson
Dire Wolf  Garcia / Hunter
Distorto  Jerry Garcia
Doin' That Rag  Garcia / Hunter
Don't Ease Me In  Traditional
Don't Need Love  Brent Mydland
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  Bob Dylan
Down in the Bottom  Willie Dixon
Do You Wanna Dance  Bobby Freeman
Drink Up and Go Home  Freddie Hart
Drums  Hart / Kreutzmann
Drums  Bill Kreutzmann
Dupree's Diamond Blues  Garcia / Hunter

Early Morning Rain  Gordon Lightfoot
Easy Answers  Hunter / Bralove / Weir / Welnick / Wasserman
Easy to Love You  Mydland / Barlow
Easy Wind  Robert Hunter
The Eleven  Lesh / Hunter
The Eleven Jam  
El Paso  Marty Robbins
Empty Pages  Ron McKernan
Epilogue  Grateful Dead
Equinox  Phil Lesh
Estimated Prophet  Weir / Barlow
Eternity  Weir / Wasserman / Dixon
Every Time You Go Away  Darryl Hall
Eyes of the World  Garcia / Hunter

Far From Me  Brent Mydland
The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get  Weir / Kreutzmann
Fault Forces  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Fearless Groove  
Feedback  McGannahan Skjellyfetti
Feel Like a Stranger  Weir / Barlow
Fire in the City  Krug
Fire on the Mountain  Hart / Hunter
The Flood  
Foldback Time  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Foolish Heart  Garcia / Hunter
Forever Young  Bob Dylan
For the Children of the Eighties  Joan Baez
Foxey Lady  Jimi Hendrix
France  Hart / Weir / Hunter
Franklin's Tower  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Hunter
Friend of the Devil  Dawson / Garcia / Hunter
From the Heart of Me  Donna Godchaux
Frozen Logger  Traditional
Funiculi Funicula  Denza / Turco

Games People Play  Joe South
Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet  Marvin E. Baumgardner
Gentlemen Start Your Engines  Mydland / Barlow
Get Back  The Beatles with Billy Preston
Gimme Some Lovin'  Davis / Winwood / Winwood
Gloria  Morrison / Smith
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad  Traditional
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)  McGannahan Skjellyfetti
Good Golly Miss Molly  Blackwell / Marascalo
Good Lovin'  Resnick / Clark
Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl  Sonny Boy Williamson
Goodnight Irene  Leadbelly / Lomax
Good Times  Sam Cooke
Gotta Serve Somebody  Bob Dylan
Greatest Story Ever Told  Weir / Hart / Hunter
Green, Green Grass of Home  Curly Putnam
Green Onions  Jones / Cropper / Steinberg / Jackson
Green River  John Fogerty
Groove #1  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Hart
Groove #2  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Hart

Happiness is Drumming (Fire on the Mountain)  Mickey Hart / Diga Rhythm Band
Happy Birthday to You  Hill
Hard to Handle  Redding / Jones / Isabell
Heart of Mine  Bob Dylan
Heaven Help the Fool  Weir / Barlow
Hell in a Bucket  Weir / Mydland / Barlow
Help Me Rhonda  Brian Wilson
Help on the Way  Garcia / Hunter
Here Comes Sunshine  Garcia / Hunter
He's Gone  Garcia / Hunter
He Was a Friend of Mine  Traditional
Hey Bo Diddley  Ellas McDaniel
Hey Jude  Lennon / McCartney
Hey Little One  Burnette / Vorzon
Hey Pocky Way  Traditional / Modeliste / Neville / Nocentelli / Porter
Hideaway  Freddie King
High Time  Garcia / Hunter
Highway 61 Revisited  Bob Dylan
Hi-Heel Sneakers  Robert Higgenbotham
Hollywood Cantata  Robert Hunter
How Long, How Long Blues  Traditional
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)  Holland / Dozier / Holland
Hully Gully  Smith / Goldsmith
Hurts Me Too  Whitaker / James

I Ain't Superstitious  Willie Dixon
I Bid You Goodnight  Traditional
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction  Jagger / Richards
If I Had the World to Give  Garcia / Hunter
I Fought the Law  Sonny Curtis
If the Shoe Fits  Lesh / Charles
I Got a Mind to Give Up Livin'  Alan Toussaint
I Got My Mojo Workin'  Preston Foster
I Hear a Voice Callin'  Traditional
I Know It's a Sin  Reed / Reed
I Know You Rider  Traditional
Iko Iko  Traditional / Hawkins / Hawkins / Johnson / Crawford
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  Bob Dylan
I'll Go Crazy  James Brown
I'm a King Bee  James Moore
I'm a Man  Spencer Davis
I'm a Man  Ellas McDaniel
(I'm a) Road Runner  Holland / Dozier / Holland
I Need a Miracle  Weir / Barlow
Infrared Roses  Garcia / Lesh / Mydland / Weir / Bralove
Infrared Roses Revisited  
In Revolving Ash Light  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
In the Midnight Hour  Pickett / Cropper
In the Pines  Traditional / McMichen / Bryant
I of Newton  Constant / Grateful Dead
I Second that Emotion  Robinson / Cleveland
It Hurts Me Too  Whitaker / James
It Must Have Been the Roses  Robert Hunter
It's All Over Now  Womack / Womack
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  Bob Dylan
It's All Too Much  George Harrison
It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World  Brown / Jones / Newsome
It's a Man's World  Brown / Jones / Newsome
It's a Sin  Turner / Rose
It Takes a Lot to Laugh (It Takes a Train to Cry)  Bob Dylan
I've Been all Around this World  Traditional
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail  Owens / Howard
I've Seen Them All  Ellas McDaniel
I Want to Tell You  George Harrison
I Want You  Bob Dylan
I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water  Joe Babcock
I Will Take You Home  Mydland / Barlow

Jack-A-Roe  Traditional
Jackaroo  Traditional
Jack Straw  Weir / Hunter
Jam  Garcia / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir
Jam  Grateful Dead
Jam  Ellas McDaniel
Jam 1  Grateful Dead
Jam 2  Grateful Dead
Jam into Days Between  Grateful Dead
Jam out of Foolish Heart  Grateful Dead
Jam out of Terrapin  Grateful Dead
Joey  Dylan / Levy
John Brown  Bob Dylan
Johnny B. Goode  Chuck Berry
Jordan  Traditional
Just a Little Light  Mydland / Barlow
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  Bob Dylan

Kansas City  Leiber / Stoller
Katie Mae  Lightnin' Hopkins
Keep on Growing  Clapton / Whitlock
Keep Rolling By  Traditional
Keep Your Day Job  Garcia / Hunter
Kentucky Rye - Part I  Grateful Dead / Saunders
Kentucky Rye - Part II  Grateful Dead / Saunders
Kentucky Rye - Part III  Grateful Dead / Saunders
King Solomon's Marbles  Phil Lesh
Knockin' on Heaven's Door  Bob Dylan
KY Jam  Grateful Dead

La Bamba  Traditional / Valens / Clausen
Lady Di and I  Joan Baez
Lady with a Fan  Garcia / Hunter
La Estrella Oscura  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
L'Alhambra  Hart / Hunter
The Last Time  Jagger / Richards
Lazy Lightnin'  Weir / Barlow
Lazy River Road  Garcia / Hunter
Leave Your Love at Home  Lola Jean Dillon
Let It Be Me  Curtis / Delanoe / Becaud
Let It Grow  Weir / Barlow
Let It Rock  Chuck Berry
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away  Godchaux / Hunter
Let the Good Times Roll  Cooke
Liberty  Garcia / Hunter
Lindy  Traditional
Little Nemo in Nightland  Garcia / Lesh / Weir / Bralove
Little Red Rooster  Willie Dixon
Little Sadie  Traditional
Little Star  Bob Weir
Long Black Limousine  George / Stovall
Look over Yonder's Wall  Jazz Gillum
Looks Like Rain  Weir / Barlow
Loose Lucy  Garcia / Hunter
Loser  Garcia / Hunter
Lost Sailor  Weir / Barlow
Louie, Louie  Richard Berry
Love the One You're With  Stephen Stills
Lucifer's Eyes  Joan Baez
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds  Lennon / McCartney
Lunatic Preserve  Grateful Dead

Mack the Knife  Blitzestein / Brecht / Weill
Maggie's Farm  Bob Dylan
Magnesium Night Light  Garcia / Lesh / Mydland / Weir
The Main Ten  Mickey Hart
Mama Tried  Merle Haggard
Mannish Boy  London / Morganfield / McDaniels
Man of Peace  Bob Dylan
Man Smart, Women Smarter  Span / Radio or Miller
Mason's Children  Garcia / Lesh / Weir / Hunter
Matilda  Thomas / Belafonte / Thomas
Maybe You Know  Brent Mydland
Me & Bobby McGee  Kristofferson / Foster
Me & My Uncle  John Phillips
Mercy of a Fool  Garcia / Hunter
The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down  Franklin / Friend
Mexicali Blues  Weir / Barlow
Mexican Hat Dance  
Might as Well  Garcia / Hunter
The Mighty Quinn  Bob Dylan
Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)  Garcia / Lesh
Mind Left Body Jam  Paul Kantner / Grateful Dead
Mission in the Rain  Garcia / Hunter
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo  Garcia / Hunter
Mock Turtle Jam  Garcia / Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Mydland / Weir
Mona  Ellas McDaniel
Money Money  Weir / Barlow
Monkey and the Engineer  Jesse Fuller
Morning Dew  Dobson / Rose
Mountain Jam  Leitch / Allman Brothers
Mountains of the Moon  Garcia / Hunter
Mr. Charlie  McKernan / Hunter
Mr. Tambourine Man  Bob Dylan
Mud Love Buddy Jam  Paul Kantner / Grateful Dead
The Music Never Stopped  Weir / Barlow
My Babe  Willie Dixon
My Baby Left Me  Arthur Crudup
My Brother Esau  Weir / Barlow
My Own Fault  
Mystery Train  Parker / Philips

Neighborhood Girls  Suzanne Vega
Never Trust a Woman  Brent Mydland
New Minglewood Blues  Noah Lewis
New, New Minglewood Blues  Noah Lewis
New Orleans  Guida / Royster
New Potato Caboose  Lesh / Petersen
New Speedway Boogie  Garcia / Hunter
Next Time You See Me  Forest / Harvey
Nobody's Fault But Mine  Traditional / Johnson
Nobody's Spoonful Jam  
No Left Turn Unstoned  Phil Lesh
No MSG Jam  Grateful Dead
Not Fade Away  Petty / Hardin
No Time to Cry  
Novature (Formless Nightfall)  Oswald / Skjellyfetti

Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie  Elizabeth Cotten
Oh Boy!  Buddy Holly
Okie from Muskogee  Merle Haggard
Ollin Arageed  Hamza El Din
Ol' Slew Foot  Traditional
One More Saturday Night  Bob Weir
Only a Fool  Brent Mydland
The Only Time Is Now  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
On the Road Again  Traditional
Operator  Ron McKernan
Orange Tango Jam  Grateful Dead
Orpheus  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann
The Other One  Weir / Kreutzmann
Other One Jam  Weir / Kreutzmann / Grateful Dead

Pain in My Heart  Naomi Neville
Parallelogram  Hart / Kreutzmann
Parchman Farm  Bukka White
Passenger  Lesh / Monk
Peggy-O  Traditional
Phil's Earthquake Space  Phil Lesh
Picasso Moon  Weir / Bralove / Barlow
Playing in the Band  Weir / Hart / Hunter
Playing Jam  Weir / Hart
Post-Modern Highrise Table Top Stomp  Garcia / Green / Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Mydland / Weir
Pouring Velvet  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Prelude  Grateful Dead
Pride of Cucamonga  Lesh / Petersen
Prisoner Blues  Traditional
Promised Land  Chuck Berry
Proto 18 Proper  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Hart
Proud Mary  John Fogerty

Quadlibet for Tender Feet  Bob Weir
Queen Jane Approximately  Bob Dylan
Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)  Bob Dylan

The Race Is On  Don Rollins
Railroading Across the Great Divide  Traditional
Rain  Lennon / McCartney
Rainy Day Women #12 and 35  Bob Dylan
Ramble on Rose  Garcia / Hunter
The Raven  Edgar Allan Poe
Recedes (While We Can)  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Refrain  Jerry Garcia
Reuben and Cherise  Garcia / Hunter
Revolution  Lennon / McCartney
Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues  Lesh / Mydland / Petersen
Rhythm Devils  Hart / Kreutzmann
Riot in Cell Block #9  Leiber / Stoller
Ripple  Garcia / Hunter
River of Nine Sorrows  Hart / Kreutzmann / Bralove
Riverside Rhapsody  Garcia / Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Mydland / Weir
Road Runner  Holland / Dozier / Holland
Roberta  Leadbelly
Rockin' Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu  Vincent / Smith
Rollin' and Tumblin'  Traditional / Waters
Rosa Lee McFall  Traditional
Rosalee McFall  Traditional
Rosemary  Garcia / Hunter
Round & Round  Chuck Berry
Row Jimmy  Garcia / Hunter
The Rub  Lightnin' Hopkins
Rubin and Cherise  Garcia / Hunter
Run Run Rudolph  Chuck Berry

Sage & Spirit  Bob Weir
Saint of Circumstance  Weir / Barlow
Saint Stephen  Garcia / Lesh / Hunter
Salt Lake City  Weir / Barlow
Samba in the Rain  Welnick / Hunter
The Same Thing  Willie Dixon
Samson & Delilah  Traditional
Sand Castles & Glass Camels  Garcia / Godchaux / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir
Saw Mill  Traditional / Wheatley / Tillis
Scarlet Begonias  Garcia / Hunter
Searchin'  Leiber / Stoller
Seastones  Lesh / Lagin
Second That Emotion  Robinson / Cleveland
See That My Grave is Kept Clean  Traditional / Jefferson
Serengetti  Hart / Kreutzmann
The Seven  Grateful Dead
Shakedown Street  Garcia / Hunter
She Belongs to Me  Bob Dylan
Shelter from the Storm  Bob Dylan
She's Mine  Lightnin' Hopkins
Ship of Fools  Garcia / Hunter
Sick and Tired  Domino / Kenner
The Sidewalks of New York  Blake / Lawlor
Sidewalks of New York  Blake / Lawlor
Silver Apples of the Moon  Hornsby / Welnick
Silver Threads and Golden Needles  Reynolds / Rhodes
Simple Twist of Fate  Bob Dylan
Sing Me Back Home  Merle Haggard
Sittin' on Top of the World  Traditional / Jacobs / Carter
Slipknot!  Garcia / Lesh / Weir / Kreutzmann / Godchaux
Slow Train  Bob Dylan
Smokestack Lightnin'  Traditional / Burnette
So Many Roads  Garcia / Hunter
So Sad (to Watch Good Love Go Bad)  Don Everly
Soundcheck  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann
So What  Miles Davis
Space  Grateful Dead
Space  Garcia / Lesh / Weir
Space  Garcia / Lesh / Mydland / Weir
Spam Jam  Grateful Dead
Spanish Jam  Grateful Dead
Spanish Jam  Garcia / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir
Sparrow Hawk Row  Garcia / Hart / Healy / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Mydland / Weir / Bralove
Speaking in Swords  Hart / Kreutzmann / Bralove
The Speed of Space  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Spinach Jam  Grateful Dead
Spoonful  Patton / Dixon
Stagger Lee  Garcia / Hunter
Stander on the Mountain  Bruce Hornsby
Standing on the Corner  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
Standing on the Moon  Garcia / Hunter
Stars and Stripes Forever  John Philip Sousa
The Star-Spangled Banner  Francis Scott Key
Stealin'  Traditional / Cannon
Stella Blue  Garcia / Hunter
Stir It Up  Bob Marley
The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)  Ron McKernan
Stronger than Dirt or Milkin' the Turkey  Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh
St. Stephen  Garcia / Lesh / Hunter
(Stuck Inside of Mobile with the) Memphis Blues Again  Bob Dylan
Sugaree  Garcia / Hunter
Sugar Magnolia  Weir / Hunter
Suite from 'Nightcrawlers'  Saunders / DeGuerre / Grateful Dead
Suite from 'The Shadow Man'  McPherson / Saunders / Zachau / Grateful Dead
Sunrise  Donna Godchaux
Sunshine Daydream  Weir / Hunter
Supplication  Weir / Barlow
Swing Low Sweet Chariot  Traditional

Take a Step Back  Traditional
Take It Off  Bo Diddley
Take Me Out to the Ballgame  Norworth / Tilzer
Take Me to the River  Green / Hodges
Tangled Up in Blue  Bob Dylan
Tastebud  Ron McKernan
Tell Mama  Carter / Daniel / Terrell
Tennessee Jed  Garcia / Hunter
Terrapin  Garcia / Hunter
Terrapin Flyer  Hart / Kreutzmann
Terrapin Intro  Garcia / Hunter
Terrapin Station  Garcia / Hunter
Terrapin Station Part 1  
Terrapin Transit  Hart / Kreutzmann
That's All Right, Mama  Arthur Crudup
That's It for the Other One  Grateful Dead
That Would Be Something  Paul McCartney
There's Something on Your Mind  Big Jay McNeely
They Love Each Other  Garcia / Hunter
Through  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Throwing Stones  Weir / Barlow
Tico-Tico  Drake / Oliveira / Abreu
Till the Morning Comes  Garcia / Hunter
The Times They Are a-Changin'  Bob Dylan
To Lay Me Down  Garcia / Hunter
Tom Dooley  Lomax / Warner
Tomorrow Is a Long Time  Bob Dylan
Tomorrow is Forever  Dolly Parton
Tomorrow Never Knows  Lennon / McCartney
Tons of Steel  Brent Mydland
Touch of Grey  Garcia / Hunter
Transilience  Oswald / Skjellyfetti
Truckin'  Garcia / Lesh / Weir / Hunter
Turn On Your Lovelight  Scott / Malone
The Twilight Zone '85 End Credits  Constant / Grateful Dead
The Twilight Zone '85 Main Title  Constant / Grateful Dead
Two Souls in Communion  Ron McKernan

Unbroken Chain  Lesh / Petersen
Uncle John's Band  Garcia / Hunter
Uncle John's Band Jam  Garcia / Hunter
Unusual Occurences in the Desert  Garcia / Hunter
U.S. Blues  Garcia / Hunter

The Valley Road  Hornsby / Hornsby
Victim or the Crime  Weir / Graham
Viola Lee Blues  Noah Lewis
Visions of Johanna  Bob Dylan

Wabash Cannonball  A.P. Carter
Wake Up Little Susie  Bryant / Bryant
Walk Down the Street  
Walkin' Blues  Robert Johnson
Walking the Dog  Rufus Thomas
(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew  Dobson / Rose
Wang Dang Doodle  Willie Dixon
Warriors of the Sun  Joan Baez
Watching the River Flow  Bob Dylan
Watkins Glen Soundcheck Jam  Garcia / Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir
Wave That Flag  Garcia / Hunter
Wave to the Wind  Lesh / Hunter
Way to Go Home  Welnick / Bralove / Hunter
Weather Report Suite  Weir / Anderson / Barlow
Weather Report Suite: Let It Grow  Weir / Barlow
Weather Report Suite: Part 1  Weir / Anderson
Weather Report Suite: Prelude  Bob Weir
We Bid You Goodnight  Traditional
We Can Run  Mydland / Barlow
The Weight  J.R. Robertson
Weirdness  Garcia / Weir / Lesh / Godchaux / Kreutzmann
We Leave the Castle  Grateful Dead
Werewolves of London  Zevon / Marinell / Wachtell
West L.A. Fadeaway  Garcia / Hunter
Wharf Rat  Garcia / Hunter
What'll You Raise  Robert Hunter
What's Become of the Baby  Garcia / Hunter
What's Going On  Marvin Gaye
The Wheel  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Hunter
When I Paint My Masterpiece  Bob Dylan
When Push Comes to Shove  Garcia / Hunter
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  Pete Seeger
Whiskey in the Jar  Traditional
Who Do You Love  Ellas McDaniel
Why Don't We Do It in the Road  Lennon / McCartney
The Wicked Messenger  Bob Dylan
Willie and the Hand Jive  Johnny Otis
Wood Green Jam  Grateful Dead


You Ain't Woman Enough  Loretta Lynn
You Don't Have to Ask  Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir
You Don't Love Me  Katrina / Frederick
(You Give Me) Fever  Davenport / Cooley / John
Your Mind Has Left Your Body  Kantner
Your Sons and Daughters  Jon Hendricks
You See a Broken Heart  
You Were Made for All of My Love  Jackie Wilson
You Win Again  Hank Williams
You Won't Find Me  Joan Baez

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah  Gilbert / Wrubel

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