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Jerry Garcia
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Ron McKernan
Bill Kreutzmann
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Keith Godchaux
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Bruce Hornsby
Robert Hunter
John Barlow
Bill Graham
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Books, Etc

Featured Books - major titles documenting the Grateful Dead - best selection, product information, site design, and service
Barnes & Noble - another top site with a slightly different selection
CDNOW - great t-shirt selection, videos, often lower prices on CDs - exclusive merchant for some of Dick's Picks and other items
eBay - rare titles, posters, beanies, memorabilia - some rare Hunter CDs


Print Media
Acid Rock Spring 1978, The Grateful Dead Story, Bill Swagel
The American Book of The Dead Oliver Trager, 1997, Fireside/Simon & Schuster
Concert Program 1978, Monarch Entertainment Bureau Inc.
Concert Program 1982, Robert Hunter
Concert Program 1982, Warner Bros.
Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia Robert Greenfield, 1996, Broadway Books
The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1 Getz, Dwork, 1998, Owl Books
Dead Reckonings John Rocco, 1999, Schirmer Books
Encarta 98 Desk Encyclopedia
Fiesta Final Frontiers: Sometimes A Great Notion, Andy Oldfield
The Grateful Dead Sean Piccoli, 1997, Chelsea House Pub
History of the Grateful Dead William Ruhlmann, 1990, Gallery Books
Modern Drummer August-September 1981, Cheech Iero & Charley Perry
New Frontier March-April 1992, Drumming on the Edge, Djuna Wojton
People Tribute September-October 1995, Jerry Garcia 1942-1995
Relix February 1988, Fragments, Scott Allen
Rolling Stone November 30 1989, The Rolling Stone Interview: Jerry Garcia, Fred Goodman
Rolling Stone October 31 1991, The Rolling Stone Interview: Jerry Garcia, James Henke
Rolling Stone September 2 1993, The Rolling Stone Interview: Jerry Garcia, Anthony Decurtis

Rock&Roll/Blues in Technicolor
VH1 Classic Albums: American Beauty

Special thanks to Doug for his invaluable concert guidance.


This project is by no means complete or 100% accurate. There are many discrepancies in the source material used, therefore judgments have been made in determining the facts. If you submit a correction, please include your source. Events or details that have been overlooked are also welcome.

Bryce Westover

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