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Jerry Garcia Biography
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1942 8/01Jerome John Garcia is born in San Francisco
1948 Jerry loses a fingertip in a wood-chopping accident at age 5
1948 Jerry's father drowns while on a camping trip
1949 ~Jerry takes piano lessons
1957 8/??Jerry starts playing guitar at age 15
1959 ~Jerry joins the Army at age 17
1960 4/~Hunter meets Jerry at Commedia Theater in Palo Alto
1960 ~Jerry is thrown from a rolling car in an accident, breaking his collarbone
1961 Bob & Jerry formed
1961 Garcia, Hunter & Albin formed
1961 ~Jerry Garcia and Friends formed
1961 7/~Garcia, Leicester & Hunter formed
1961 11/~Jerry Garcia formed
1962 Asphalt Jungle Boys formed
1962 Pigpen meets Jerry on the San Mateo Peninsula coffeehouse circuit
1962 ~Bill hears Jerry, Pigpen, & Hunter play at the Tangent in Palo Alto
1962 Bill meets Jerry at Dana Morgan's music store in Palo Alto
1962 Jerry starts playing banjo, purchased from Bill
1962 Phil hears Jerry play at a party at the Chateau
1962 6/~Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers formed
1962 10/??Bobby meets Jerry backstage at the Tangent in Palo Alto
1962 11/~Jerry Garcia & David Nelson formed
1962 11/~Hart Valley Drifters formed
1962 12/~Thunder Mountain Tub Thumpers formed
1962 12/31Bobby jams with Jerry at Dana Morgan's music store
1963 2/~The Wildwood Boys formed
1963 5/~Jerry & Sarah formed
1963 Zodiacs formed
1964 3/~Black Mountain Boys formed
1964 Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions formed
1964 ~David Grisman meets Jerry on a bluegrass quest in West Grove, PA
1965 4/??Warlocks formed
1965 5/05Magoo's Pizza Parlor first paid Warlocks gig
1965 11/06Warlocks meet Bill Graham at a Family Dog benefit for the Mime Troupe
1965 12/01Acid Tests organizer Ken Kesey enlists Warlocks as house band
1965 12/0?Grateful Dead founded in San Francisco
1968 10/08Mickey and the Hartbeats formed
1969 Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck formed
1969 6/~New Riders of the Purple Sage formed
1969 Merl Saunders meets Jerry
1970 5/18Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales formed
1970 9/~Jerry Garcia & Friends formed
1970 ~Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra formed
1971 2/~Garcia/Saunders formed
1972 John Kahn meets Jerry at a Monday night session at the Matrix
1973 3/02Old & In The Way formed
1973 8/~Jerry gets a year's probation in NJ for LSD, marijuana, and cocaine
1974 4/20Great American String Band formed
1974 7/~Legion of Mary formed
1975 8/05Jerry Garcia Band formed
1975 8/20Keith and Donna Band formed
1978 11/2?Jerry loses his voice and cancels a tour
1979 1/30Reconstruction formed
1982 4/21Garcia/Kahn formed
1985 1/??Jerry is busted for heroin and cocaine possession in Golden Gate Park
1985 Jerry enters drug treatment program
1985 Jerry is confronted by the rest of the band regarding his drug abuse
1986 7/10Jerry lapses into a near-fatal diabetic coma for 5 days
1986 12/15Grateful Dead return to performing 5 months after Jerry emerges from coma
1987 Cherry Garcia ice cream introduced by Ben & Jerry's
1987 8/29Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band formed
1987 10/15Lunt-Fontanne Theater sell-out shows by Garcia bands
1988 Jerry becomes a certified SCUBA diver, partially replacing drug use
1990 12/17Garcia/Grisman formed
1992 7/??J. Garcia ties marketed
1992 8/??Jerry collapses from exhaustion and cancels a tour
1994 ~Second Sight formed
1994 1/19Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Grateful Dead
1994 9/~Phil Lesh & Friends formed
1995 Jerry receives a death threat
1995 8/09Jerry dies in Forest Knolls, CA at age 53
1995 8/13Jerry is celebrated by family and 25,000 friends in Golden Gate Park
1995 11/07Garcia asteroid named
1998 ~Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead stamps issued
2000 Madame Tussaud's New York wax museum displays a likeness of Jerry