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Bob Weir Solo / Guest Discography
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1972 5/??Ace   LP by Bob Weir
1972 5/??Rolling Thunder   LP by Mickey Hart
1976 2/??Reflections   LP by Jerry Garcia
1976 3/??Kingfish   LP by Kingfish
1978 1/13Heaven Help the Fool   LP by The Bob Weir Band
1981 10/21Bobby and the Midnites   LP by Bobby and the Midnites
1984 8/??Where the Beat Meets the Street   LP by Bobby and the Midnites
1994 2/??Trios   CD by Rob Wasserman
1996 6/11Mickey Hart's Mystery Box   CD by Mickey Hart
1996 10/15Second Sight   CD by Second Sight
1997 5/13Furthur   CD by Various Artists
1997 6/24Furthur More   CD by Various Artists
1998 Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions   CD by Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions
1998 1/13Weir/Wasserman Live   CD by Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman
1999 2/09The Strange Remain   CD by The Other Ones
2000 1/25Spirit into Sound   CD by Mickey Hart
2000 9/26Evening Moods   CD by Bob Weir and Ratdog
2001 7/~Live at Roseland   CD by Ratdog
2004 1/13Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir   CD by Bob Weir
2004 11/??Pure Jerry: Lunt-Fontanne, NYC: The Best of the Rest   CD by Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band / Jerry Garcia Band
2005 10/25Garcia Plays Dylan   CD by Jerry Garcia
2014 10/21Garcia Live Volume 5   CD by Jerry Garcia Band
2016 09/30Blue Mountain   CD by Bob Weir