Mickey Hart Solo/Guest Discography
by Release Date
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1970 11/??Blows Against the Empire   LP by Paul Kantner - Jefferson Starship
1971 9/??New Riders of the Purple Sage   LP by New Riders of the Purple Sage
1972 5/??Rolling Thunder   LP by Mickey Hart
1974 6/??Tales of the Great Rum Runners   LP by Robert Hunter
1975 3/??Tiger Rose   LP by Robert Hunter
1975 10/??Seastones   LP by Ned Lagin
1976 2/??Reflections   LP by Jerry Garcia
1976 3/??Diga   LP by Mickey Hart, Diga Rhythm Band
1980 Apocalypse Now Sessions - The Rhythm Devils Play River Music   LP by The Rhythm Devils
1982 Promontory Rider   LP by Robert Hunter
1983 Yamantaka   LP by Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings
1989 4/??Music to Be Born By   CD by Mickey Hart
1989 Dafos   LP by Hart, Airto, Purim
1990 8/30At the Edge   CD by Mickey Hart
1991 10/01Planet Drum   CD by Mickey Hart
1992 11/??Still Truckin'   CD with Mickey Hart, Bob Weir
1996 6/11Mickey Hart's Mystery Box   CD by Mickey Hart
1997 2/18Relix Bay Record Shop, Vol. 9: Tribute to Jerry Garcia   CD by Various Artists
1997 5/13Furthur   CD by Various Artists
1997 6/24Furthur More   CD by Various Artists
1998 8/04Supralingua   CD by Mickey Hart/Planet Drum
1999 2/09The Strange Remain   CD by The Other Ones
2000 1/25Spirit into Sound   CD by Mickey Hart
2000 9/26Evening Moods   CD by Bob Weir and Ratdog
2002 4/23The Best of Mickey Hart: Over the Edge and Back   CD by Mickey Hart
2005 10/25Garcia Plays Dylan   CD by Jerry Garcia
2014 10/21Garcia Live Volume 5   CD by Jerry Garcia Band