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2020 7/10Workingman's Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition   CD
2017 5/23Long Strange Trip   CD
2016 09/30Blue Mountain   CD by Bob Weir
2015 3/31The Best of the Grateful Dead   CD
2010 10/05Songs of the Grateful Dead   CD by Jesse McReynolds & Friends
2005 3/25Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966   CD
2004 10/26Beyond Description (1973 - 1989)   CD
2004 4/20All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions   CD by Jerry Garcia / Jerry Garcia Band
2004 4/06Been All Around This World   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
2004 1/13Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir   CD by Bob Weir
2003 9/16The Very Best of the Grateful Dead   CD
2003 3/25Birth of the Dead   CD
2002 7/02Trichromes   CD by Trichromes
2002 5/21There and Back Again   CD by Phil Lesh and Friends
2002 4/23The Best of Mickey Hart: Over the Edge and Back   CD by Mickey Hart
2002 2/12Dice with the Universe   CD by The Trichromes
2001 10/16The Golden Road (1965 - 1973)   CD
2001 9/11Grateful Dawg Soundtrack   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
2000 9/26Evening Moods   CD by Bob Weir and Ratdog
2000 8/22Furthur Most   CD by Various Artists
2000 4/25The Pizza Tapes   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice
2000 1/25Spirit into Sound   CD by Mickey Hart
1998 10/13Spirit Trail   CD by Bruce Hornsby
1998 9/15Twilight Zone: Original Soundtrack Recording, Volume One   CD
1998 8/18So What   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
1998 8/04Supralingua   CD by Mickey Hart/Planet Drum
1998 4/28Missing Man Formation   CD by Vince Welnick and Missing Man Formation
1998 1/13Backbone   CD by Backbone
1998 Donna Jean   CD by The Donna Jean Band
1997 6/24Furthur More   CD by Various Artists
1997 5/13Furthur   CD by Various Artists
1996 10/29Shady Grove   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
1996 10/15Second Sight   CD by Second Sight
1996 10/15The Arista Years   CD
1996 6/11Mickey Hart's Mystery Box   CD by Mickey Hart
1995 9/08Blue Incantation   CD by Sanjay Mishra with Special Guest Jerry Garcia
1995 7/18Hot House   CD by Bruce Hornsby
1995 6/20Smoke: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack   CD by Various Artists
1994 2/??Trios   CD by Rob Wasserman
1993 10/26Morning Dew   CD by Tom Constanten
1993 10/14Not for Kids Only   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
1993 10/12Sentinel   CD by Robert Hunter
1993 4/06Harbor Lights   CD by Bruce Hornsby
1992 7/09Fire Up Plus   CD by Merl Saunders and Friends
1992 5/15Nightfall of Diamonds   CD by Tom Constanten
1991 10/01Planet Drum   CD by Mickey Hart
1991 8/20A Box of Rain   CD by Robert Hunter
1991 7/12Jerry Garcia/David Grisman   CD by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
1990 8/30At the Edge   CD by Mickey Hart
1990 6/19A Night on the Town   CD by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1990 4/??Blues from the Rainforest: A Musical Suite   CD by Merl Saunders
1989 10/31Built to Last   CD
1989 Dafos   LP by Hart, Airto, Purim
1989 4/??Music to Be Born By   CD by Mickey Hart
1988 5/03Scenes from the Southside   CD by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1988 3/01Liberty   LP by Robert Hunter
1987 7/06In the Dark   LP
1986 8/??The Way It Is   LP by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
1986 6/~Rock Columbia   LP by Robert Hunter
1984 8/??Where the Beat Meets the Street   LP by Bobby and the Midnites
1984 6/01Amagamalin St.   LP by Robert Hunter
1984 The Ghosts Playing in the Heart of Gold Band   LP by The Ghosts
1983 Yamantaka   LP by Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings
1982 10/20Run for the Roses   LP by Jerry Garcia Band
1982 Promontory Rider   LP by Robert Hunter
1981 10/21Bobby and the Midnites   LP by Bobby and the Midnites
1980 4/28Go to Heaven   LP
1980 4/??Jack O'Roses   LP by Robert Hunter
1980 Apocalypse Now Sessions - The Rhythm Devils Play River Music   LP by The Rhythm Devils
1978 11/15Shakedown Street   LP
1978 3/15Cats Under the Stars   LP by Jerry Garcia Band
1978 1/13Heaven Help the Fool   LP by The Bob Weir Band
1977 7/27Terrapin Station   LP
1976 8/18What a Long Strange Trip It's Been   LP
1976 3/??Diga   LP by Mickey Hart, Diga Rhythm Band
1976 3/??Kingfish   LP by Kingfish
1976 2/??Reflections   LP by Jerry Garcia
1975 10/??Seastones   LP by Ned Lagin
1975 9/01Blues for Allah   LP
1975 3/??Tiger Rose   LP by Robert Hunter
1975 3/??Keith & Donna   LP by Keith & Donna Jean Godchaux
1974 6/27Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel   LP
1974 6/21Compliments of Garcia   LP by Jerry Garcia
1974 6/??Tales of the Great Rum Runners   LP by Robert Hunter
1974 2/??Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of the Grateful Dead   LP
1973 10/15Wake of the Flood   LP
1973 5/??Fire Up   LP by Merl Saunders and Friends
1972 5/??Rolling Thunder   LP by Mickey Hart
1972 5/??Ace   LP by Bob Weir
1972 1/??Garcia   LP by Jerry Garcia
1972 Heavy Turbulence   LP by Merl Saunders
1971 12/??Hooteroll?   LP by Howard Wales, Jerry Garcia
1971 9/??New Riders of the Purple Sage   LP by New Riders of the Purple Sage
1970 11/01American Beauty   LP
1970 11/??Blows Against the Empire   LP by Paul Kantner - Jefferson Starship
1970 6/14Workingman's Dead   LP
1969 6/20Aoxomoxoa   LP
1968 7/18Anthem of the Sun   LP
1967 3/17The Grateful Dead   LP
1965 11/03Emergency Crew   Demo Tape by Warlocks